Nacional Tequila

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How Park Kerr makes better Tequila:

  • Use agave plants from the Los Altos, a mountainous region in Jalisco
  • Agaves are harvest early in the morning preferably by bare-breasted maidens
  • Slowly roast the pinas for 48 hours in old red brick ovens
  • Press the roasted pinas three times
  • Slow and long fermentation (up to 90 hours)
  • Distill twice
  • Filter 4 times
  • Age 10 days in antique oak barrels
  • Voila!

"It is the Best Silver (Plata) Tequila I have ever tasted. Pure agave flavor without harshness or rough edges. A pleasure to drink. Out of the 20 or so tequilas on our Tasting Bar, This is the ONLY one I have drank in the last 2 weeks."


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