Russell's Reserve Brings Families Together With America's Native Spirit

In honor of Father's Day, Russell's Reserve, the 10-year-old bourbon created by father-son duo Jimmy and Eddie Russell, will be partnering with Operation Once in a Lifetime, a nonprofit that makes the dreams of military service members come true and helps to raise money to provide free flights home to U.S. Soldiers stationed around the world.

During the month of June, Russell's Reserve will donate a portion of its sales to Operation Once in a Lifetime (OOIAL). The donation will help OOIAL provide financial assistance to allow men and women of the armed forces the opportunity to fly home and spend some much deserved time with their families.

Having spent 30 years working together and with a combined 86 years of distilling experience, Jimmy and Eddie Russell know a thing or two about both bourbon and family. While their passion for crafting top- quality bourbon is obvious, this year they have partnered with OOIAL to provide our nation's Service members with a simple joy they try to never take for granted: time spent with family.

"I feel blessed to spend every day working with my son at the Russell's Reserve distillery; it is time I cherish," says Jimmy. "We want to make sure military families get to share those same family moments together, which is why we have teamed with Operation Once in a Lifetime. Eddie and I always thought of Russell's Reserve as a catalyst for bringing people together, so I am pleased it will also stand as a way for us to honor the brave men and women who make such sacrifices for our great country."

"Russell's Reserve is a great American brand," said Sgt. Patrick Powers of OOIAL. "Our mission is to provide financial and moral support to U.S. Service members and to make the lives of soldiers easier, and as a soldier myself, I can tell you the hardest thing about serving in the military is being away from your loved ones. Russell's Reserve's willingness to help is something that will have a real impact."

About Russell's Reserve, LLC

Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell has been making bourbon in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky for 56 years and has joined the ranks of the greats when it comes to his legendary craftsmanship. He collaborated with his son Eddie, a relative newcomer with 30 years under his belt, to create the acclaimed Russell's Reserve. Jimmy Russell has worked at the distillery since 1954 and his devotion to his whiskey making comes from his family. His grandfather worked in the distilling business, as did his father before him. His son Eddie Russell now follows in his footsteps. Russell's Reserve is a hand-crafted bourbon, that reflects the expertise that comes with the 80-plus years of combined experience the father and son duo possess.

About Operation Once In A Lifetime

Operation Once in a lifetime is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to make the dreams of U.S. soldiers come true. The dream of a soldier is to come home alive, unwounded, to love his country, his unit and his family. By providing free financial support to U.S Service members, their families and veterans, Operation Once in a Lifetime salutes our men and women on the forefront, and helps them when they need it most.

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