Martini Expert Unveils Palin, Bachmann Martinis

The presidential campaign is winding up for a wild ride, and Jerry Gonto is ready with a slender, sweaty martini glass.

The guy who concocted the frosty Bailout Martini in 2008 is back with two new martinis crafted in his cocktail workshop at "I think of these martinis as Sarah and Michele's excellent cocktails," says Jerry Gonto, co-owner of

The Summer of Sarah-Tini toasts the former Alaska governor. She's out of the race - or is she? Mamma grizzly Sarah Palin says she's not running for president, but she's on the road to something. Her bus is crossing the land and she's speaking her mind. The Palin-inspired martini has a frisky kick.

"It's a fine refreshment after a family road trip," Gonto notes.

One of these martinis and you won't care what you can see from your porch.


The Summer of Sarah-Tini
1 medium cucumber, sliced
10 ounces pepper vodka, freezer chilled
1 Serrano pepper
2 lime slices


Place sliced cucumber in pitcher of water and steep refrigerated overnight. Fill ice cube trays with cucumber water and freeze. Fill martini shakers three-quarters full with cracked cucumber ice cubes. Pour the vodka into the shaker and allow it to sit for two full minutes. Cut the Serrano pepper in half and rub insides of two ice-cold martini glasses with the cut pepper surface. Shake the martini mix in the shaker for one full minute, then strain the martini into each glass. Garnish each with a lime slice and serve.

If that's too spicy, consider the Bachmann Overdrive. It's crisp, cool and possesses a polished punch. Named for GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachman - congresswoman, attorney, mother of five - the Bachmann Overdrive has a splash of tea and gets a soft kick from vanilla vodka.

The Bachmann Overdrive
10 ounces vanilla flavored vodka, freezer chilled
Splash of unflavored tea
1 lemon (half sliced, half zested)
Granulated sugar

Fill shaker three-quarters full with cracked ice. Add vodka and allow to sit two full minutes. Add splash of tea and shake. Rub rims of two chilled martini glasses with lemon wedge. Dip rim of glasses in sugar to coat. Pour martini mixture into glasses and serve sprinkled with lemon zest.

The martini, beloved by FDR, Churchill, Hemingway and Rockefeller, is the quintessential American cocktail, Gonto notes. Writer H.L. Mencken called it "the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet."It promises to be a long hot summer in the run-up to the presidential campaign, and Martini Guy Gonto will have the martini to go with it - in the belief that no matter how good or bad things get, they are made better with a cool, martini glass in hand.

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