The International Olympic Committee's announcement that the 2016 Olympic Games will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, erupted an enormous celebration that lasted through the weekend on the beautiful beaches of this famed South American city. Swimsuit clad revelers cheered, danced, shouted and waved green, yellow and blue flags in support of their country, all the while celebrating with caipirinhas - Brasil's signature cocktail - and the national spirit of Brasil - cachaca.

Just minutes after the IOC's announcement on Friday afternoon, to echo the enormous party being held on the beaches of Brasil, Cabana Cachaca, the first authentically Brasilian super-premium cachaca to be launched in the United States, showed its support for Rio's 6 million citizens by creating the first signature cocktail of the 2016 Olympics. The Rio 16, made with Cabana Cachaca, Veev Acai Liqueur, fresh kiwi juice and lime juice, is a festive twist on the country's signature cocktail, and the perfect way to celebrate this ground breaking decision.

The games - the first Olympics for South America - have the power to transform the entire region, promote social integration and bring much needed attention to Rio, Brasil and the unique, artisanal products it produces and exports from the country. Cachaca, the third most distilled spirit in the world, has been relatively unknown in the U.S., and still remains an emerging spirit category through most of the world. While Brasilians mark every celebration and special occasion by sipping their signature spirit, only 1% of Brasil's production of cachaca is exported for other countries to enjoy. With the recent news of the 2016 Olympic Games, the category is poised for a dramatic change.

"I could not be more thrilled that the Olympic Games will be coming to Brasil," says Matti Anttila, founder and president of Cabana Cachaca. "I fell in love with this beautiful country, its people and its passion many years ago and was inspired to bring its national spirit to the United States. The games will be sure to bring new excitement and energy to all things Brasilian and I am excited to see the changes that will come over the next six years, in the cachaca category and beyond."

Cachaca has been the country's Eau de Vivre since Portuguese settlers invented it in 1532. Brasil produces close to 1.5 billion liters of cachaca every year. While exports of the spirit equal less than 1%, most of that going to Europe, the popularity of cachaca is quickly rising in the US. In fact, between just 2005 and 2008, importation of cachaca to the US grew from 261,000 liters to approximately 900,000 liters. The cachaca and caipirinha trend is spreading quickly across the country, and the Olympic Games will only spur faster growth.

The ultimate version of Brasil's national spirit, Cabana Cachaca is dedicated to remaining absolutely authentic while refining Brasil's national spirit to become an artisanal product that is worthy of International respect. Cabana has developed an innovative production process that awarded it a Double Gold Medal at this year's San Francisco World Spirits competition. Distilled directly from freshly pressed sugar cane, Cabana Cachaca is a smooth and versatile elixir. Cabana is authentic to the core and unlike any other cachaca available in the United States. Distilled, aged and estate bottled at the source in Brasil, Cabana is the first imported cachaca to be hand crafted in small batches, double-distilled in copper pot stills and mellowed for nine months in Brasilian Jequitibá wooden barrels. Cabana's innovative production process strips out the impurities common in most cachaca, while isolating the desirable characteristics that make it unique.

Cabana Cachaca hopes that all Americans and Brasilians in the United States will celebrate the IOC's announcement with the Rio 16 cocktail, and look at this decision not as a loss for Chicago, but an enormous win for Brasil and the entire region of South America.

The Rio 16
  • 1oz Cabana Cachaca
  • 1oz VeeV
  • 1oz Simple Syrup
  • 1oz Kiwi Puree
  • The juice of 2 lime wedges

Shake all ingredients together and serve over ice in a rocks glass

About Cabana Cachaca:

Cabana Cachaca was launched in 2006 by Matti C. Anttila, a New York spirits entrepreneur who first discovered cachaca while experiencing the heady nightlife of Rio de Janeiro. Anttila added, "Utilizing an innovative production process developed by our master distiller, Cabana's versatility and quality has led it to be embraced by mixologists and sophisticated consumers in the most exclusive locations - places cachaca would never have worked in before. We are excited to build on our success in firmly positioning Cabana as the super-premium standard-bearer by taking national this globally significant, but relatively undiscovered category in the U.S. Combined with our presence in top venues in the U.K. and Brasil, Cabana has truly become a global spirits brand." For additional information, go to