Deerfield, Ill. - February 7, 2008 - DeKuyper, the best-selling line of cordials and liqueurs in the U.S., announces a breakthrough approach to segmenting the liqueurs category to take place beginning February 2008. The brand is organizing its portfolio of products into five families in an effort to simplify the category and the consumer shopping experience.


Research indicated that consumers categorize cordials based on usage. As a result, DeKuyper has organized its nearly 60 products into flavor and usage-based families to make it easier for consumers to shop the category and retailers to stock their shelves. The new families, DeKuyper Luscious, DeKuyper Burst, DeKuyper Pucker, DeKuyper Signature and DeKuyper Flavored Brandy, are based on flavor profile and whether the liqueur is used as a mixer, sipper, shot or after-dinner drink. New product packaging and merchandising that reflects each family will support the re-positioning of DeKuyper into the product families.

  • Luscious - These mouth-watering fruit flavors are the perfect mixer for a cocktail. Luscious drinkers tend to be females who love natural fruit flavors. The Luscious family includes classic flavors like Peachtree and Raspberry Rush along with the recently launched Red Apple, Pomegranate and Tropical line.
  • Burst - The Burst family includes flavors such as Buttershots, Hot Damn!, Sizzlin' Cinnamon and Blustery Peppermint that deliver intense explosions of flavor and are most often used as shots. Men and women both enjoy Burst flavors and their bold intensity.
  • Pucker - The Pucker family includes nine sweet and sour flavors most commonly used as mixers, but can also be used as a shot. The Pucker family includes Sour Apple, Watermelon and Strawberry. Pucker drinkers tend to be females who like drinks with fun colors and flavors.
  • Signature - Signature features classic bar staples for the male or female who tend to be more knowledgeable about creating cocktails. The Signature family features professional-quality mixers such as Triple Sec, Amaretto Silk and Vanilla Delight.
  • Flavored Brandies - The Flavored Brandy family includes classic sippers such as Blackberry, Peach and Coffee. Brandy consumers enjoy quieter occasions shared with quality spirits.

"We are pleased to offer our consumers a solution to the chaos of the cordials category," said Chris Mahoney, senior director, DeKuyper. "Organizing our products into five families will help simplify consumers' shopping experience by identifying what product they should buy based on how they plan on using DeKuyper. One of the advantages of family segmentation is that if consumers know how to use one flavor within a family, they will know how to use all the flavors within a family."

"We believe that organizing DeKuyper into five families based on usage, will improve customer service because DeKuyper has paved the way in making it easier for retailers to sell and display our products. The DeKuyper five families approach will help convert consumer browsing into purchasing by making the category simpler to shop."


New packaging will be introduced to support the distinct use and feel of each family. Based on initial test-market research, the new packaging outperformed other liqueurs packaging by 22 percent. Respondents indicated that the new packaging was superior to other liqueurs and that the product was high quality and would have a delicious taste.

The new packaging will begin to hit store shelves in March 2008 and will be supported by significant merchandising efforts to help retailers organize the entire liqueur aisle. In addition, DeKuyper will utilize trade advertising to increase awareness of the five families. The DeKuyper website,, will also be refreshed to accompany the family launch.

About DeKuyper Cordials & Liqueurs

DeKuyper is the #1-selling line of domestic cordials featuring nearly 60 mixable and versatile flavors of cordials, liqueurs, cremes, brandies and schnapps. Some DeKuyper flavors have inspired the creation of cocktails and are now synonymous with those drinks. For example, in the mid-80s DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps inspired the creation of the Fuzzy Navel, and in the mid-90s DeKuyper Pucker Sour Apple Schnapps inspired the creation of the Appletini. DeKuyper was founded in Holland in 1695 by Johannes DeKuyper & Son and has been the brand to turn to for fresh and original liqueurs for more than 300 years.

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