DeKuyper, the best-selling line of cordials and liqueurs in the U.S., announces a new product line that eliminates complicated mixing in order to make great tasting and unique drinks. DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots are pre-mixed shots containing all ingredients in one bottle so that all the consumer needs to do is "Open, Pour and Party!" Burst Bar Shots come in three great-tasting favors: Red Headed Burst, Kamikaze Burst and Washington Apple Burst and are based on very popular shots that you can find in just about any bar.

DeKuyper uses "Open, Pour, Party" on point-of-sale items such as shot glasses, T-shirts, bar coasters, door and mirror decals and table tents to illustrate ease of use for consumers and bartenders. Burst Bar Shots reduce the need for multiple ingredients while maintaining the quality taste and flavor of freshly made shots. In extensive consumer testing, all three Burst Bar Shots scored at parity or better than the traditionally combined mixed shots in terms of overall opinion, liking and purchase interest.

"Burst Bar Shots are designed to help consumers when entertaining at-home and reduce the number of ingredients needed to create one great, mixed shot," stated Sheryl Rosenberger, senior brand manager, DeKuyper. "This new product line reaffirms our commitment to simplifying the liqueurs category and the consumer shopping experience."

"When we developed DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots, we listened to bartenders who told us they wanted a way to serve great tasting shots in less time," Rosenberger continued. "By using our product, bartenders will be able to increase their interaction time with customers."