My friends, I have a problem. You see, a few weeks back I went to this little industry event in New Orleans called Tales of the Cocktail; maybe you've heard of it (or maybe you've been living under a rock and not reading my articles). In any case, like at all great events, our contingent was able to gather a truly offensive amount of swag (which I'll thank the writers of The Office for clearing up for me: Stuff We All Get!) Herein lies my problem: Dan says I've got to give some of it away. Now, I worked hard to collect this stuff, so I'm not just going to give it away. "Worked hard?" I hear you cry. "What was so hard about collect free stuff?" Just ask my liver...

As it turns out, I've got a contest I've been looking to run for a few months now that was just begging for a prize. Being the intelligent person I am, I put two and two together and got five...well o.k., 25 (work with me here.) Have I piqued your interest? O.k. then, here it goes:

Win The Raven's SWAG


The Raven is throwing a party and needs tunes to keep it going. He is looking for the playlist to beat all playlists. Of course, there are a few restrictions to what he'll play.

  • Each playlist must be exactly 25 songs.
  • This is a drinking song playlist (and a contest on a cocktail site!) All songs must deal with alcohol, drinking, or be traditionally recognized as a drinking song.
  • No more than 7 songs may be from the same genre, and no more than 10 from the same decade.
  • The Raven is eclectic. A great playlist for him will span over 100 years.
  • Playlist order matters! Be sure to give us an explanation and walk us through your playlist.

One entry per person, so get it right the first time. The Raven and Dan (and possibly a few others) will make the final decision as to the winner. Points will be given for creative playlists that have a natural progression, as well as heterogeneity. Be prepared to explain a strange song pick; if we don't get it, and you can't justify it, you lose points. Also, classics are called such because they are recognized as great; you can use them, but if we get two people with matching lists, you're both disqualified.

All entries must be submitted here by October 18th at midnight. Depending on the number of entries, we will try to have the results by the October newsletter. So what are the prizes?

Raven's Swag Image

Lot's of great stuff right? Well, even if you can't tell what it all is, it's still lots of great stuff. There may be more depending on where you are and what other goodies we manage to acquire between now and then. There may even be a second prize, if we really feel that it is deserved.