February 14, 2008, New York, NY - Castle Brands Inc. (AMEX: ROX), an emerging international spirits company, today announced that it has launched new packaging and a new marketing campaign for its Clontarf Irish Whiskey brand.

The name "Clontarf" refers the famous battle at which High King Brian Boru drove foreign invaders from Ireland's shores. The bottle pays homage to both the battle and the great leader with "1014", the battle's year, debossed on the front. Clontarf Whiskey's streamlined proprietary bottle gets an updated look with a distinctive black label trimmed in gold for Clontarf Classic Blend and a complementary black and cream label trimmed in gold for Clontarf Single Malt. The label also includes a new graphic element - a stylized warrior mask. The "face" of the mask resembles a shield with a single grain of barley as the "eye". The mask is topped by castle crenellations, which give the brand a sense of time and place. The three warrior stripes at the bottom of the mask represent the triple distillation process. Overall, the icon brings together symbols that reflect both the quality of Clontarf Irish Whiskey and its heritage.

Although the new packaging gives a well-deserved nod to history, Clontarf Irish Whiskey's vision is to the future. Along with its new look, Clontarf Irish Whiskey is also getting a smart, edgy marketing campaign. "THE NEW IRISH" is the brand's new tagline, and the campaign puts a fresh, youthful, lighthearted spin on traditional Irish phrases.

Traditionally, when people hear the word "Irish," it may conjure up certain images--green rolling hills dotted with sheep, cable-knit sweaters and fair-freckled cheeks. Those are all lovely visions--if you're drinking tea.

Clontarf now introduces a new approach to Irish whiskey. It remains triple distilled and aged to smooth perfection, but this time-honored craft now has a modern personality.

"The New Irish" means new ideas and new expectations. An "Irish wake" is the result of good friends on a speedboat and an "Irish jig" has more knee than knee socks. And when you hear someone say "Kiss me, I'm Irish," you'd better pucker up.

Print advertising and POS material bearing "The New Irish" campaign will start appearing immediately. A new website is also under development.

"The first of the millennial generation (those born between 1980 and 2000) are in their late twenties now, and are getting tired of fruit-juice cocktails. Irish whiskey, with its very approachable flavor profile, is new again and is a natural next step," said Roseann Sessa, Vice President Marketing& Public Relations for Castle Brands. "Clontarf is not their father's whiskey. The brand was 'born' in 1998 and is therefore itself part of the millennial generation."

More about Clontarf Irish Whiskey

Clontarf Irish Whiskey is made with the finest grains and pure Irish spring water. It is triple distilled and aged in bourbon casks. Clontarf is available in two expressions: Clontarf Classic Blend and Clontarf Single Malt. The Clontarf Whiskeys have won numerous awards including a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Platinum Medal at the World Spirits Competition. www.clontarfwhiskey.com

More about Castle Brands Inc.

Castle Brands is an emerging developer and international marketer of premium branded spirits within four growing categories of the spirits industry: vodka, rum, whiskey and liqueurs. Castle Brands' portfolio includes Boru Vodka, Gosling's Rum, Sea Wynde Rum, Knappogue Castle Whiskey, Clontarf Irish Whiskey, Jefferson's and Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon, Sam Houston Bourbon, Celtic Crossing Liqueur, Pallini Limoncello, Raspicello and Peachcello and Brady's Irish Cream. www.castlebrandsinc.com