The Gin category has just gotten a heavy dose of sex appeal with the arrival of Bulldog Ultra-Premium Gin. Launching auspiciously in the Chinese "Year of the Dog," Bulldog stands to be one of the proudest and most exciting new additions to the spirits market. Quadruple distilled, Bulldog carries an exotic melange of botanical flavors including Poppy and Dragon Eye, giving it an incredibly seductive fruit and citrus bouquet.

Crafted in the UK, Bulldog is a London Dry Distilled Gin, infused with the taste and aromas of its selected botanicals, using traditional copper pot stills. As part of the process, gin is passed through a condenser and liquefied to produce the natural and unmistakable essence of this ultra-premium spirit. It exhibits a smooth and harmonious texture, with a distinctive flavor and refreshingly crisp character. Said to boost skin vitality and promote sexual stamina, Dragon Eye - an ancient Chinese secret  - is just one of the many uncommon elements in Bulldog. With its smoked-grey tinting, broad shoulders and the spiked dog collar around its neck, Bulldog Gin is housed in an eye-catching bottle that is sure to improve the landscape of any bar or store.

Bulldog Gin was founded by Anshuman Vohra, a former JP Morgan Investment Banker, and David Kanbar, an industry veteran from Skyy Vodka. As owner of Bambu Ultra-Premium White Rum, Kanbar's expertise in developing spirits brands helped make Vohra's vision a reality. The gin was engendered out of Vohra's quest to create the ultimate versions of his favorite cocktails, the Dirty Gin Martini and the Gin & Tonic.

Says Vohra: "Being Indian, Gin is practically in my blood. Fortunate to have lived all over the world, I developed a palate for exotic flavors, so I wanted to make a gin that satisfied this desire for the unusual, but, of course, it had to improve upon my favorite cocktails."

Specialty Bulldog cocktails were designed by internationally renowned mixologist, Christian Gutkowski, of Bungalow 8 fame, and include the Dirty Dog, (dirty martini) and The Brindle Bulldog, (elder flower cordial, leaves of sage, simple syrup and crème de cassis). Says Kanbar, "I love gin, and I only drink it in a dirty martini. I can tell you unequivocally, The Dirty Dog is the best of breed."