Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. [Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE:FO)], a global leader in premium spirits and wine, announces new flavor offerings for Gilbey's vodka and improved packaging for Ronrico rum. Gilbey's vodka is rolling out new flavors to meet consumer demand for greater variety in the vodka segment. The Ronrico rum line, including its existing flavors, is offering consumers new packaging to project a more premium image and make the package more consistent with the quality of the rum in the bottle.

New flavors for Gilbey's vodka include citrus, raspberry and cherry, the top-selling flavors in the economy vodka segment, in addition to grape. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, flavored vodkas within the economy vodka segment grew at a rate of 22 percent in 2006, outpacing growth for the overall economy vodka category.

Ronrico rum will benefit from new packaging which continues to evoke the brand's rich heritage. The crest and the 1860 year on the existing Ronrico labels will be preserved and will become the focal point of the new shield-like label, a move away from the standard rectangular-shaped label used now. The upgrade will affect the entire Ronrico line, including its Silver, Gold, Citrus, Vanilla and Pineapple-Coconut marques.

"The introduction of new Gilbey's vodka flavors and the repackaged Ronrico line will bring new life to these brands. Both Gilbey's vodka and Ronrico rum are high quality products that we offer to consumers at very reasonable prices," said Dennis Prado, senior brand director, Beam Global Spirits & Wine. "With our portfolio of leading global and regional brands, these changes will show our brand loyal consumers that innovation is not only for premium brands. Greater selection and more premium packaging is an important part to building our brands, including those in the economy segment."