Oakville, CA (PRWEB) September 11, 2007 -- There's just as much to being a vodka connoisseur as there is to being a wine connoisseur. Taste, texture, appearance. It all plays a part. Slava's sleek new bottle and classic label set it apart from the other ultra premium vodkas on the market.

"One shot and you appreciate the smoothness, with only a slight tingle at the back of your throat reminding you are indeed consuming alcohol at 40% alc./vol," says Antoine Tedesco of Sceneandheard.ca when writing about Slava Ultra Premium Vodka. "This ultra premium vodka is as good as some of the more expensive varieties, and leaps and bounds better than the cheaper, hip vodkas of magazine fame."

At about $30 per bottle, Slava is only $5 more than ordinary vodka, but significantly less than other ultra-premium vodkas.

So what's Slava's secret?

"It's positively chilling," jokes John Vellinga, president of Multiculture Marketing - Canadian distributor of Slava Ultra Premium Vodka. "It's a balance of what's in the bottle, the bottle itself, and serving it as cold as you possibly can."

Slava is distilled at the Zlatogor Distillery, one of the oldest distilleries in Ukraine, founded in 1896. Zlatogor is known for the purity of its water, using natural ingredients and traditional methods. In other words, they've been known for their commitment to quality since 1896.

"We developed and taste-tested 25 formulations of Slava with the experts at Zlatogor. On the 23rd version, we hit the perfect recipe." says John Vellinga.

Those who have tried Slava Ultra Premium Vodka describe the taste as clean and exceptionally smooth. The reason - it's four times distilled and 12 times filtered and only the finest ingredients are used.

"Distilling four times increases the quality and purity of the vodka, without having a negative impact on the taste," says Vellinga. "Four times distilled is ideal for fine vodka: less distillation reduces the purity, while more distillations reduce the character and taste."

Vellinga goes on to explain that true vodka aficionados know that the best way to bring out the smooth, crisp taste of premium vodkas, like Slava, is to serve them ice cold. That's straight out of the freezer - not shaken over ice. Ice dilutes the vodka and makes it taste like water.

To that end, the people at Slava have developed a new shorter, triangular bottle that sits nicely in any freezer. Whether on its side or standing upright, it won't roll out when the freezer door is opened.

"It's slick art deco label, "freezer-friendly" triangular shaped bottle (it will not roll around in your freezer) and exceptional value will draw in the crowds," concludes Antoine Tedesco.

About Multiculture Marketing (MCM):
Multiculture Marketing (MCM) is a developer and marketer of private label and niche products. The Oakville, Ontario-based company has developed and launched two of its own vodka trademarks in four provinces, including the LCBO in Ontario. MCM products include: Slavutich Beer, Krimsekt Sparkling Wines, Lvivske Beer, Slava Ultra Premium Vodka and Zirkova Premium Imported Vodka.