Dallas, TX (PRWeb) March 2, 2007 -- As soccer legend David Beckham prepares for his first season with a USA Major League Soccer (MLS) team in Los Angeles -- a sensational and shocking shift of allegiance that has American fans totally fired-up -- soccer fans in the USA have another reason to be energized. While Beckham made plans to sever his ties with Madrid's "Real" team, another "Real" team launched their beverage industry product "Real Kick," the newest contender in the taurine-fueled energy drink competition arena with their 8.4 oz regular & Sugar Free-Diet, along with an extra large 16.9 oz size.

Real Kick could propel USA and global consumers to a whole new level. The new kid on the block is poised to upset the traditional drink giants with a "no bull" approach to energy drinks that doesn't miss the winning goal for flavor and kick.

The drink is made from a proprietary recipe designed for Real Kick to deliver more energy with a smoother flavor, says U.S.company spokesperson and joint owner George Gelsky. "This formula was developed in Austria for us because most of the leading energy drinks have an aftertaste with not enough kick".

Real Kick gives consumers the kick they expect, without the harsh, metallic aftertaste that is often associated with energy drinks. As the first drink to cater to the exploding market for USA soccer, as well as the well established global markets, Real Kick also sports original high-octane graphics of a soccer ball kick soaring into outer space.

Unlike world famous superstar Beckham, Real Kick runs onto the field as a newcomer and underdog. But that status may be more of a help than a hindrance, because for many years its big-league predecessor Red Bull has created enormous controversy among soccer fans. But these disgruntled fans will be juiced to learn that Real Kick supports the entire soccer community without a bias or sponsorship of one team, country or region over the others. Fans of all sports worldwide will cheer the unique taste of the Real Kick drink, which gives the desired effect of a super energy afterburner without the unwanted burning aftertaste.

Although soccer has been an Olympic event since 1900 and the first professional soccer league in the USA was established in 1913, no MLS team showed a profit until 2006. But times have changed, and in the wake of the $250-million Beckham signing deal, MLS plans to add three new teams and has signed a $20 million deal with ESPN to broadcast and promote USA soccer. Beckham's move to the LA Galaxy team could have a more significant impact on American soccer than any athlete has ever had on a single sport in the history of the world.

Meanwhile, Real Kick is in the process of seeking and adding to its global distribution network of importers and distributors worldwide. Real Kick's website can be found at http://www.Global-Energy-Drinks.com . Look for Real Kick to appear soon on American and global store shelves, in its sleek silver cans of a powerful and tasty potion. Real Kick promises to make its own brand of sports headlines.