The production of ABSOLUT VODKA continues to break records. After a very strong third quarter, with sales volumes for V&S Absolut Spirits increasing with 14 percent, the success continues around the world. Today, Monday the 26th of November at 7:51 am, the 10 millionth 9-liter case of ABSOLUT VODKA was produced for the year. Even now, as early as November, production for 2007 has already surpassed the previous annual record from 2006 of 9,900,000 9-liter cases.

The 10 millionth 9-liter case left the plant's second tapping line this morning at 7:51 am, destined for Canada. The case will be presented to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which is the Canadian province of Ontario's equivalent of the Swedish government-owned liquor chain, Systembolaget. In honor of the record, the bottles have been marked with the record and packed in a specially designed case.

"Today's record means that we've reached another milestone. Sales of ABSOLUT VODKA continue to grow in the US. On more than 12 of our focus markets we have double-digit growth. In Canada, ABSOLUT VODKA has grown with 24 percent so far this year," says Ketil Eriksen, President of the V&S Absolut Spirits business area.

Behind the success is the increased interest from consumers, which has been driven by the high pace of product development, as well as the global campaign "In an ABSOLUT world" and the strengthening of the sales organization. In 2007 four new members of the ABSOLUT family were launched: ABSOLUT PEARS, ABSOLUT 100, ABSOLUT NEW ORLEANS and ABSOLUT MANGO.

"I was employed in 1982 to increase the capacity at the plant to 500,000 9-liter cases. This year, we will be producing around 10,700,000 9-liter cases in the existing plant, "Spritan." "Spritan" has proven to have enormous capacity, but now we need more. That's why the new bottling plant, "Satelliten," which will open on December 14 is a welcome addition that will help increase capacity," says Krister Asplund, Vice President of Manufacturing at V&S Absolut Spirits.

Ten million 9-liter cases is more than the total production of ABSOLUT VODKA in the years 1979 - 1987.