Fit-A-Rita, the world's first low-calorie, zero-sugar, zero-carb all-natural margarita mix hits the market -- as a result of a weight loss joke.

Austin, Texas July 25, 2007 -- Frontier Nutritional Research announces the availability of its new low-calorie, sugar-free margarita mix, Fit-a-Rita. Fit-a-Rita is the first sugar-free, instant margarita mix with added minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts designed to buffer the toxic effects of alcohol. The average margarita has over 200 calories. A Fit-a-Rita margarita has just six calories. No sugar. No carbs. And it contains as much anti-oxidants as two glasses of red wine.

"This may be the first alcoholic drink mix designed for the health-conscious customer," says Jeff Sargent, product formulator for Frontier Nutritional Research.

The mix was born when Joe Vitale, a star in the hit movie The Secret, wanted a margarita but realized with 200 to 600 calories in the average one, that they wouldn't help him lose any weight. He jokingly said he wanted a "Bodybuilder's Margarita".

He went to Marcus Gitterle, M.D., a product creator, and Jeff Sargent, a natural products chemist, and asked them to create a margarita mix with no sugar. "I wanted a healthy margarita," Vitale, 53, said. "I suspected they could sweeten it with a natural herb."

The result is Fit-a-Rita, which hit the market today at and is already signed into Latin area distribution with an unnamed public company.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), since 2002, U.S. imports of tequila have grown 28 percent -- an average rate of 8.6 percent per year. In 2005 alone, a total of 9.2 million 9-liter cases, and 9.8 million cases in 2006, were sold. Tequila is now the fastest growing spirits category of them all, even besting vodkas. Tequila sales represent a multi-billion dollar market and most of this tequila is consumed in the form of margaritas.

Frontier Nutritional Research designed Fit-a-Rita to appeal to the market segment that appreciates a tasty margarita but would rather avoid the sugar, calories and of course, the hangover. Just add one packet of low-calorie Fit-A-Rita to 6 ounces of water, add one shot of your favorite Tequila, and mix. "It contains as much anti-oxidants as two glasses of red wine," says Dr. Gitterle.

Frontier will consider distributorships for established dietary supplement, food, beverage or liquor distributors within the United States. Their toll free line is 800-396-5942. The official Fit-a-Rita website is

Fit-A-Rita is Frontier's most popular product so far.

"Now you can truly drink to your health," says Vitale.