Hornitos Tequila, a member of the Sauza family rolled out the Hornitos "green" carpet to launch its $15 million re-positioning campaign with a celebratory party at Opera in Hollywood, California. On September 20th, guest host Ashlee Simpson, joined Hornitos to help introduce two new variants to its collection of fine tequilas. Additional celebrity guests included Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Nick Cannon, Eve, Vanessa Marcil, Jeremy Piven, Dave Annable, Zoey Deschanel, Stephen Colletti, Olivia Wilde, Roger Cross, Darin Brooks, Eddie Matos, Lamar Odam

Guests experienced the "Fine Line of Tequila" with Hornitos specialty cocktails along with the Sauza Brand team, including:

  • Andrew Floor, senior brand director
  • Sheryl Rosenberger, senior brand manager
  • Mara Melamed, associate brand manager
  • Grace Moran, associate promotion development manager
  • Aaron Brost, public relations director, North America

"The Hornitos launch party was a huge success, and with the help of our host Ashlee Simpson we are definitely building a brand that people want to talk about" said Andrew Floor, senior brand director, Sauza. "The Hornitos re-launch, coupled with our targeted advertising and unique and intriguing 'Fine Line' campaign, represents a defining milestone for Hornitos. This party showcases how the 'Fine Line' campaign will lead to increased visibility and consumer engagement for Hornitos" continued Floor.

Hornitos recently announced the launch of the brand's most aggressive advertising and re-positioning campaign in years, supported with a $15 million marketing spend. Hornitos, originally available as a reposado tequila, just unveiled two additional variants - Hornitos Plata and Hornitos Anejo. Supporting the new variants is a unique advertising and positioning campaign dubbed "The Fine Line of Tequila," which emphasizes the exhilaration that comes from having two forces, seemingly at odds, combine to deliver the perfect combination. This position is intimately linked to the brand and was born from the fact that Hornitos delivers all the tequila edge with a smoothness not expected from tequila.

With the addition of two new variants, Hornitos has introduced its sip, shoot, and savor strategy, in direct response to an evolving category and consumer demand for a Hornitos variant for all consumption occasions.  Sip, shoot, and savor educates consumers on the diversity of tequila, where Hornitos Plata is versatile enough for mixed drinks, Hornitos Reposado can be enjoyed as a shot, and the more complex notes of Hornitos Anejo are slowly savored.