(PRWeb) February 27, 2007 -- In 2006, LifeStyle Marketing Inc. studied the health supplements found in many of the popular energy drinks to develop an Energy Spray based on these supplements.

After several months of testing, reformulating and retesting, LifeStyle Marketing Inc (www.Lsm-inc.com) found the so-called active ingredients in energy drinks have no merit and have decided not to manufacture or distribute an Energy Spray based on these ingredients. LifeStyle Marketing Inc found the reason people feel they have more energy after drinking energy drinks is due to the high amount sugar and caffeine and not any magic ingredients such as taurine, vitamins or any other supplements. According to a recent AP article, last year there were 300 reported caffeine overdoses associated with these so called energy drinks.

LifeStyle Marketing, Inc. will not to put its Sob'r-K (tm) brand on a product it does not believe in, is not 100 percent safe or is a good value to its customers. LifeStyle Marketing Inc is looking at several other products to include under the logo.

LifeStyle Marketing Inc. manufactures and distributes the #1 hangover remedy, Sob'r-K HangoverStopper.

LifeStyle Marketing Inc is always asked why it doesn't add some vitamin(s) or other supplement(s) to its signature product, Sob'r-K HangoverStopper.

The answer is simple. LifeStyle Marketing Inc tests every new hangover pill that comes to market. LifeStyle Marketing Inc found that all these other so-called remedies have no merit and that there is not enough research into the safety of the products, or that the country where it is grown or manufactured may be questionable.

If we find a supplement, vitamin or mineral that will help our customers with hangovers and we feel the product is safe we will add it to Sob'r-K HangoverStopper and call it Sob'r-K HangoverStopper Plus. If a consumer feels that a vitamin or supplement will help with a hangover they should buy the vitamin or supplement but consumer does not need to overpay for the vitamin or supplement under the name of a hangover product.

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