Seattle, WA (PRWeb) March 1, 2007 - Have you and your friends ever wondered: "What are we doing tonight?" Seattle start-up seeks to answer that question. Down2Night is a free service that broadcasts SMS text message notification of a users favorite local nightlife venues they choose, on the days they choose. launched this week with Seattle, San Francisco, and Tri-cities, WA for the alpha version. Rollout into other major cities across the nation will follow as popularity and feedback pour in.

Down2Night is after the mobile social networking industry officially introduced in 2001, and has since exploded into a $3.45 billion dollar industry in the US alone.

Mark Michael/CEO and Daniel Rust/Chief Architect, both in their early twenties, co-founded They agree that down2night's primary users will be the 18 to 35 year old professional crowd.

"This market segment is the most mobile-savvy group having SMS messaging experience, while also being the individuals that spend the most time and money attending musical events, and visiting clubs, lounges, and other nightlife establishments," says Mark Michael CEO/Co-founder.

Many of the notifications will also include specials, discounts, or coupons providing free or reduced rates for products, services, or cover charges with just the presentation of a text message.

The expected promotion in each city is planned to include discounts at local nightclubs, lounges and eateries, and a public "Launch" party, along with more conventional advertising.

"With down2night, the user and establishments contribute event(s) or messages into the system and have it available to their peers/patrons online within minutes; using this dynamic portal, the event information broadcast to the public can always be accurate and up to date," explained Rust.

Future enhancements will allow someone traveling to Las Vegas to temporarily sign up for that city and receive notification of special events at their favorite casinos, nightclubs and performances.