TORONTO, July 3 /CNW/ - Diet Coke(R) is 25! The iconic, great-tasting, calorie-free sparkling beverage, whose virtues have been feted in ads featuring celebrities from Elton John to Paula Abdul, is celebrating its twenty-fifth year in Canada. To celebrate the occasion, the Diet Coke(R) Lounge will be visiting select shopping centres across the country this summer to celebrate the brand's milestone with its devoted consumer base.

Since its introduction in July of 1982, Diet Coke(R) has been enjoyed by millions of people in Canada. Diet Coke(R)'s entry was a direct response to a consumer need for a great-tasting, low-calorie sparkling beverage. The Coca-Cola Company recognized a trend towards trimming down and toning up, where more and more people were using low-calorie food and beverages as part of a lifestyle choice instead of just a weight-loss regimen.

"Canadians have been inviting Diet Coke(R) into their homes for twenty-five years," said Seema Varughese, brand manager, Diet Coke(R). "Diet Coke(R) offers great-tasting, low calorie alternatives for today's calorie-conscious consumers."

"Diet Coke(R) changed the face of low-calorie sparkling beverages when it was introduced in 1982," added Varughese. "It has gone on to become the world's leading low-calorie sparkling beverage, and the standard for all diet drinks. Consumers are attracted to Diet Coke(R) because it tastes great, has zero calories and is refreshing."

Diet Coke(R)'s popularity has been reflected in its well-known slogans such as "Just For the Taste of It," and "There's Just One." While its packaging has changed over the years, from the original white and red can to the ubiquitous silver and red, its great taste and appeal has remained the same.  Over the last twenty-five years, a long list of celebrities - from Bill Cosby to Bugs Bunny to Whitney Houston to the entire cast of the hit show "Friends" - signed on to promote the product in television commercials. 

Computer wizardry was also used to bring such legends as James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Louis Armstrong to the small screen as part of the brand's "There's Just One" advertising series.  As well, the brand has evolved over the years to meet and exceed consumers' ever-changing needs for great-tasting, zero calorie sparkling beverages. Based on the success of its parent, Caffeine-free Diet Coke(R) was introduced in 1983, barely six months after the launch of Diet Coke(R).

The Diet Coke(R) Lounge, conceived to commemorate the brand's rite of passage, will pop up in malls in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver this summer. The lounge is designed to invite the brand's loyal following, as well as first-timers, to experience and take part in the 25-year celebration. Visitors to the interactive lounge can learn about Diet Coke(R)'s history, view the various memorabilia on display, and enjoy the ice-cold refreshing taste of Diet Coke(R).

The schedule for the Diet Coke(R) Lounge is as follows:



Date Mall Location


July 3-8, 2007 Toronto Eaton Centre,

Alberts Way Toronto, ON


July 13-15, 2007 Richmond Centre,

Centre Court Richmond, BC


July 17-22, 2007 Metropolis at Metrotown,

Grand Centre Court Burnaby, BC


July 27-29, 2007 Southgate Mall,

Centre Court Edmonton, AB


July 31-August 5, 2007 Chinook Mall,

Centre Court Calgary, AB


August 10-12, 2007 Vaughan Mills Mall,

Old Navy Centre Court Vaughan, ON


August 17-19, 2007 Rockland Shopping Centre,

Centre Court Mount-Royal, QC


August 21-26, 2007 Eaton Centre Montreal, QC



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