New York (PRWEB) August 10, 2007 -- New York City-based International Beverage Holdings USA (IBHL USA) today announced the U.S. availability of Chang Beer, Thailand's No. 1 selling beer. Newly formed IBHL USA is the exclusive importer of Chang and is supporting the U.S. introduction of the super premium import with a powerful marketing campaign for on-premise and off-premise customers with a keen focus on the growing number of more than 5,000 U.S. restaurants that serve Thai and Asian Fusion cuisine.

"Chang is an extremely smooth, crisp and full-bodied premium 100% malt lager that is delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to flavorful Asian cuisine," said John Lennon, president of IBHL USA. "We already have commitments from many restaurants in our key markets and expect Chang to be a top-seller in these establishments and in many more as we roll out Chang across the U.S."

Award-winning Chang is an authentic Thai beer brewed by ThaiBev, which is a major player in the world drinks industry and controls almost half of the Thai market. ThaiBev has a market cap of approximately US $4.6 billion and is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. First introduced in 1995, Chang has quickly become the best selling beer in Thailand and is a top-seller throughout Southeast Asia with annual worldwide sales of more than US $1.139 billion and total cases topping 126 million.

In the U.S. Chang is now available in two popular size bottles, 6-packs of 330 ml. (11.2 oz.) bottles and 640 ml. (22 oz.) bottles. Lennon said that until the arrival of Chang there has been little choice for Thai beer in the U.S. Chang provides the perfect beverage complement for restaurants to enhance their complete dining experience while growing profits.

The dark amber Chang bottles feature the distinctive green and gold logo with a pair of white elephants facing each other under a golden fountain. Chang translates in Thai as elephant -- an animal known for its superior strength and mental capacity and is to Thais what the bald eagle is to Americans. The facing elephants represent harmony and happiness, while the golden fountain is a symbol of prosperity and the rich color of the premium lager. The essence of the Chang brand is "True Harmony."

Chang promotional and premium materials capture the beauty, richness, mystique and wonderment of Thailand. Everything from coasters, menu cards, table tents and signs capture the Chang mystique: "Thailand is an exotic country with a rich history of exotic spices and intense flavors carefully balanced and blended into a unique brewing masterpiece to develop the prefect refreshment - the ideal accompaniment for flavorful foods. Award-winning Chang is a full-bodied premium 100% malt lager beer, which is always smooth, crisp, and refreshing -- simply delicious."

For more information about Chang Beer, contact John Lennon, president of IBHL USA, 60 East 42nd Street, Suite 2134, New York, NY 10165, tel. 646-896-3807, and visit the Web site to learn more about this super premium import.