Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 8, 2007 -- Bottle Ring Opener, Inc. announces the availability of its new product, the Bottle Ring Opener. Made of black powder coated aluminum, Bottle Ring Opener is a revolutionary, fully-customizable bottle and can opener available at a competitive price.

"We have a unique position in today's beverage industry," said Mark Lopez, founder and president of Bottle Ring Opener. "The number of new 21-year-olds this decade will drive the alcohol/soda beverage consumption to new heights, giving our company ample opportunity for success."

Beer companies, beverage companies, sports teams and other businesses can have their company/team logo inlaid on Bottle Ring Opener. With color fill and three different finishes -- aluminum, zinc, and gold -- the Bottle Ring Opener can be customized for any logo. The company also carries Bottle Ring Openers with flashing lights for bartenders.

Users wear the Bottle Ring Opener on the index finger. After slipping the opener onto the bottle cap, the cap can be easily lifted away. Bottle Ring Opener differs from other bottle openers because of its compact size and wearable design, which allow users a greater convenience than standard-sized bottle openers.

"Bottle Ring Opener is our response to the demand for a fast, high-end bottle opener priced for the everyday user," Lopez says. "In our category of bottle ring openers, we have no competition, as our product is the finest made anodized aluminum opener on the market."

Bottle Ring Opener is available in anodized aluminum, sizes 12 and 18, both of which include two smaller-sized inserts sizes 6, 9/12.5, 15, and retail for $9.99 each. All other insert sizes retail for $1.00 each. Please inquire for the pricing of zinc and gold finishes.

More information about Bottle Ring Opener and Bottle Ring Opener, Inc. can be found online at