Phoenix, Arizona (PRWeb) March 28, 2007 -- Bomba®, a popular energy drink that originated in Austria is now available in the Arizona market. Bomba Energy Drink replenishes the body with essential vitamins and nutrients that are often depleted during physical exertion. Bomba contains ingredients that help you remain active for four to five hours without the typical "slump" that is common with other energy drinks. A key differentiator of Bomba is that it contains no glucuronolactone, a key ingredient in other energy drinks that has been linked to a variety of health problems such as rapid pulse and increased heart rate when combined with alcohol. Bomba is available in four unique flavors: Original, Berry, Black Currant, and Ruby Orange. It is packaged in an eye-catching plastic bottle that has a resealable cap to retain freshness. Bomba has no bitter aftertaste or acid that can be irritating to those with sensitive stomachs. Bomba is currently available at several Phoenix area stores and retails for $1.99.

With Arizona's summer heat, energy drinks have become a popular beverage among those who work outside and need to stay hydrated and quench their thirst. The added boost that comes from Bomba's key ingredients, caffeine, taurine, sugar and guarana extract, will provide a much needed energy boost for those that are involved in physical activities--inside and out. Bomba can be used in a wide variety of beverages: as a versatile mixer with alcohol, as an energy booster in non-alcoholic drinks as well as a refreshing pick-me-up on its own.

"Bomba is packed with flavor and offers a consistent energy boost; none of the peaks and crashes that are found with other energy drinks," said Gerald Heigenhauser, CEO and President of Genuine- Wellness brands and importer of Bomba. " Many of the energy drinks on the market lack good flavor and are consumed because of the energy benefits. Bomba was developed to not only provide an immediate 'pick-me-up' but to provide great taste in a variety of unique flavors."

Because Bomba has a re-sealable top, rarely found in energy drinks, consumers are not required to drink the entire beverage at one time, they can simply reclose the cap and the product will stay fresh.

"Bomba Energy Drink is a great alternative for those who need to stay alert while on the job, studying or during social activities. With our unique flavor profiles you can choose a different taste depending on your mood or activity," said Heigenhauser.

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About Bomba Energy Drink:
Bomba Energy Drink originated in Austria and is now being introduced to the U.S. market. Bomba is sold in a uniquely designed, resealable bottle and offers consistent energy with none of the peaks and lows that can be found in other energy beverages. Bomba comes in several flavors including Original, Berry, Black Currant and Ruby Orange, which are great for mixing and on their own.