Absolut Mango Bottle Image

ABSOLUT VODKA announces the global launch of a mango-flavored vodka. ABSOLUT MANGO brings you the true taste of mango and is available in Global Travel Retail from February, 2008.

ABSOLUT MANGO is aromatic and juicy, with a pronounced and genuine character of ripened mango. The taste is fruity and full-bodied with notes of tropical fruit. As with all members of the ABSOLUT VODKA family, ABSOLUT MANGO is made from all natural ingredients and contains no added sugar or sweetener.

With the introduction of a premium mango-flavored vodka, ABSOLUT ventures into this new and previously underdeveloped flavor segment.

"We are confident in the high volume potential of ABSOLUT MANGO. Not only because mango is a commercially underexplored flavor, but also since mango has a strong global appeal. It is widely accepted but still perceived as exciting, exotic and different", says Matthias Aeppli, Vice President Marketing, V&S Absolut Spirits.

The mango originated in Southeast Asia and India many thousand years ago, and travelled to South America, Africa and the US. Today it is one of the world's most popular fruits, grown in nearly all tropical regions and loved by people around the world.

Matthias Aeppli continues: "The mango is quite unique. It is a year-round source of natural sweetness, and it has a juiciness and aroma beyond all comparison. ABSOLUT MANGO is developed with extreme attention to detail and the vodka really brings out the true taste of ripened mango. It can be enjoyed neat or over ice, but also mixes easily in drinks and cocktails. Personally I love to mix mango with chili or pineapple."

ABSOLUT VODKA is world famous for its iconic bottle and ABSOLUT MANGO reinforces the brand's strong heritage in the field of design. The bottle's design is artistic and asymmetrical, with a strong visual concept. It has more transparent glass than previous flavors and the decoration consists of mango fruit contours gathered in groups around the bottle. The colors - shades of green, red and yellow combined - are chosen to reflect all characteristics of the fruit.

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