August 4, 2005

Wyborowa has launched a global on trade cocktail workshop - The City Plan in response to the very fast growing trend for high quality cocktails and the need to provide brand information to professional bartenders throughout the world.

Before the programme was put together, the Wyborowa team visited cities in Europe, Asia & Australia, and it occurred to the team that the London style bars had a lot of influence on premium on trade culture in many very exciting & vibrant cities. For professionals, London has become the worlds leading city for premium quality cocktails. So, the team decided to capitalize on the knowledge of London Bartenders to drive the trends out of the UK style bars and to educate and inspire bartenders across the world.

The City Plan was developed to promote Wyborowa cocktail culture around the world through education and training. It aims to educate, inspire and increase knowledge of the premium quality of Wyborowa. We want to make sure that Wyborowa remains top of mind with the worlds best bartenders. And we also want to unite professional bartenders into one global cocktail community, says David Steward, Wyborowa Brand Education Director.

The Wyborowa City Plan has been set up to kick-start the brands development in new premium markets and also to underpin the premium positioning of the brand in the established markets. It enables Wyborowa to present not only its product range, but also to bring to life the very essence of Wyborowa to key players in the local on trade and underpin its commitment to improving on trade excellence.

The City Plan programme is supported by the Worldwide Cocktail Club, which assists in an on trade audit, the selection of bartenders for the City Plan, and in the development, running and moderation of the Wyborowa workshops. It was founded in 2003, in London by Henry Besant & Andre Masso, who have both enjoyed award winning success in the UK & international premium on trade as well as consulting on & publishing a number of speciality Cocktail books. The Worldwide Cocktail Club develops and promotes cocktail culture& premium practice around the world through education and training, uniting cultures into one global cocktail community and centre of excellence.

To date, the Wyborowa City Plan was launched in 5 cities: Lisbon, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Chengdu with Berlin and 9 new cities to come over the next 11 months. More than 130 bartenders have so far attended the Wyborowa workshops and career bartenders have responded positively to the interest Wyborowa takes in their profession, adds David Steward, Wyborowa Vodka Brand Education Director.

Wyborowa Vodka Origin: Poland is the birthplace of vodka, having been produced there since the XIV century, and has since then become an integral part of the Polish culture. The Wyborowa brand was crafted in 1823, when the Poznan distillery adopted a more advanced techniques allowing for the production of dry and pure vodka. Wyborowa is the Polish word for Exquisite, thus the brands ultimate quality and taste were acclaimed by the judges during the national vodka tasting competition in 1823. In 1927, Wyborowa became the worlds first vodka to register its brand name internationally. With this recognition it was celebrated both in its home market and abroad. Subsequently, it has been awarded over 22 gold medals and several other trophies at the worlds most prestigious international fairs. Although the production process used to make Wyborowa today is a result of years of perfection, the heart of spirit retains the character originally created by Kantorowicz in 1823. Over the recent years, with brand integration into Pernod Ricard, Wyborowa has rightfully become one of the key players in the international vodka market.

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