Allied Domecq Spirits Malibu Mango Bottle Image& Wine (UK) Ltds 2.3m investment behind Malibu and the new flavoured offerings of Malibu Mango Rum and Malibu Pineapple Rum continues with the premiere of the latest ad in the brands successful Seriously Easy Going cinema and television campaign. The brand new execution is called Melons and premieres on television and cinema screens at the beginning of June.

Melons continues the Seriously Easy Going approach to life of Malibu by using the culture and attitudes of the Caribbean people to parody western behaviours, specifically the fact that western cultures take life far too seriously. Following on from the recent serious subjects of mobile phones and doctors appointments, this ad focuses on another everyday source of stress and annoyance the world of customer service!

As with the other ads in the series, Melons highlights how people in western culture often lose their balanced perspective on life, creating an unnecessarily serious and stressful situation. The ad takes typically irritating situations and adds a comic twist, resulting in lines such as Im sorry Sir, but that melon is for display purposes only - always with tongue firmly in cheek. By demonstrating how ridiculous everyday situations can be, Malibu continues its Seriously Easy Going message and encourages people to take a less serious attitude towards life.

Melons, which will run on TV and cinema screens throughout June and July, is at the forefront of ADUKs consumer-marketing programme and will be seen by 80% of 18-24 year olds at least 5 times. The end frame of the advert shows an image of the new Malibu Mango Rum and Malibu Pineapple Rum flavours and will play a key role in supporting the launch of these two new Malibu offerings along with an extensive on-trade sampling and off trade promotional programme.