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Dear Dan,

Wow, is December here already? What a great year for us here at Bar None and the cocktail world in general. Lots of great articles this month, including an exclusive with one of the leading ladies in the spirits industry...


Please be smart, don't drink and drive! Enjoy your cocktails in moderation and take a cab if you need one.


Dan Hutchinson

Interview with a Bartender

Neyah White Image Learn from industry greats, up and comers and some really wonderful people...

Sara Gorelick heads out West for her latest interview with Bartender Neyah White. Hailed as one of the top restaurants in San Fransisco, Nopa is blessed with having one of the best bartenders in California. Read more...

Ryan Scott Image

Sara continues her journey out West with Ryan Scott, a Chef who appreciates the use of alcohol in cooking. Ryan also starred in Top Chef, season 4. There are more uses for alcohol than just drinking you know. Read more...

The Raven's Caw

Raven's Caw Logo Image

4 years of The Raven and what does he have for us this month? Some rambling about a shipwreck and crates of 100 year old whisky. I think I also caught a glimpse of some golden archives in the Raven's Caw. Read more...

Cheryl Charming Jewelry

Cheryl Charming makes some great jewelry. Dress yourself up today, with a bartender's flair!

Dr. Bamboo - Cinnamon Fizz

Cinnamon Fizz Cocktail Image

During these holiday times, you'll be getting plenty of thick, sweet, creamy drinks. Egg nog will be cascading into and out of drinking vessels everywhere, and you will be plied with all manner of syrupy, dairy-based concoctions employed as a delivery system for all the usual yuletide flavors: chocolate, mint, apple, etc. Read more...

Raising the Bar with Pamela Irving

Naughty and Nice... An exclusive interview with Square One Vodka's Allison Evanow. Allison Evanow Image

Pamela Irving sits down one on one with Allison Evanow, Founder and CEO of Square One Organic Vodka. Enjoy an enlightening read on how and why it all began to where Square One is heading in the future. You may even find a couple of great cocktails as well. Read more...

Winter Recipes

Holiday Cocktail ImageOk, it has been a crazy month and I have a bunch of recipes to share. The catch? Well, there are still a bunch to add to the site, which I will be doing as December rolls along. For now, have a browse of the great recipes from last year, perfectly themed for this time of year. When I post more on the site, I'll send an update to let you know where they are. For now, get your holiday recipes here...

CocktAlien - Pukes and Staggers

Pukes and Staggers Image With the help of I am able to bring to you a new game titled "Pukes & Staggers." Brad, from HappyBeerGames, was kind enough to send me a copy of, what he is calling, their "flagship" game. Pukes and Staggers is a simple board game intended for 4-12 players. Read more...

Straining and Double Straining

Strainer Image Despite all the fresh ingredients going into your cocktail, many times you want to keep certain items in the shaker and out of your drink, like ice or muddled fruit. This allows the finished cocktail to be clean, crisp and free of debris. Enter the strainer, one of the most utilized bar tools in the bartender's arsenal. Read more...

Flair Bartending

Extreme Bartending Image Image Ever wondered if you could perform like Tom Cruise in Cocktail? Look no further. Val has come up with some articles to start you on your journey of becoming an Extreme Bartender. Why not take a few minutes and learn a couple of tricks, who knows how much extra you can make in tips? Read more...

Monkey Business

Monkey Business Cocktail Image Image At times you crave a classic cocktail, or maybe something quick and easy, but sometimes you want to experiment. This was one of those times. A bottle of champagne was on hand as well as some over-ripe bananas. Brandy sounded like a warming addition for a chilly evening and a bit of Velvet Falernum would be an island kiss. This was an experiment that worked. We call it Monkey Business.

Simply blend bananas with an immersion blender or mash and strain through a sieve to make them super smooth. Add to a shaker with cognac and Velvet Falernum. Shake vigorously with ice. Pour (or strain if you prefer) into a chilled glass. Top with champagne and stir.

Monkey Business

  • 2 oz. cognac or brandy
  • 1/2 oz. Velvet Falernum
  • 1/4 oz. ripe banana puree
  • 3 oz. champagne or prosecco

Shake first 3 ingredients in ice for 30 seconds. Pour into chilled goblet. Top with champagne. Give it a little stir.

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