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    Berry Fusion Bottle Image

    Sweet and Sour Schnapps Originator Invites Consumers to Taste A Triple Burst of Berry Flavor

    DeKuyper, the best-selling line of cordials and liqueurs in the U.S., announces the launch of DeKuyper Pucker Berry Fusion Schnapps. Delivering an explosion of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry and finishing with a sweet and sour sensation, Berry Fusion is the newest flavor to join the DeKuyper Pucker family. The new berry fusion flavor, available for sale at on- and off-premise retail outlets beginning September 2006, has already received high marks in consumer liking.

    DeKuyper has grown its line of Pucker cordials since the introduction of Pucker Grape and Pucker Cheri-Beri in 1996 with great success. The sweet and sour schnapps category inventor continues to enhance the immensely popular line of cordials with flavors that meet consumer demands and inspire cocktail trends such as the Appletini - fueled by DeKuyper Pucker Sour Apple.

    We continue to innovate our line of DeKuyper liqueurs, schnapps and cordials creating new products to meet consumer demand and expanding flavor profiles, said Chris Mahoney, senior brand director, DeKuyper. The berry fusion flavor is mixable, versatile and an ideal signature ingredient in a variety of cocktails.

    Having most recently launched Pucker Strawberry Passion in April 2006, Pucker Berry Fusion Schnapps joins Pucker Grape, Pucker Cheri-Beri, Pucker Sour Apple, Pucker Watermelon, Pucker Peach, Pucker Raspberry and Pucker Island Blue in the immensely popular line of cordials. The new 30-proof product will be sold in 50ml, 750ml and 1L bottles.

    The Raven's Caw

    Raven's Caw Logo Image

    The ability to create alcohol has often been touted as one of the hallmarks of a truly civilized society. If thats true, then it should be no surprise that almost all polytheistic societies have at least one god dedicated to the second* most pleasurable past time that we humans know. Some monotheistic gods had to get in on the fun too; the Christians gods own son started showing his divinity by turning water into wine (no wonder he was so unpopular with the Romans, he was taking away their livelihood and just giving it to his friends!) Presented here is the beginning of a series on the many gods of drinking.

    Mayahuel: This Aztec goddess is the woman you get to thank for all of those mornings you wake up praying to the porcelain god because of one too many margaritas. She is credited with giving mankind the agave plant. After the plants grew, her husband threw down a lightning bolt, striking the agave, shortly after which a fermented sap oozed out. The Aztecs called this liquid pulque. When the Spanish came to South America, they had the bright idea to distil the gift of Mayahuel, which has led to innumerable hangovers and bar fights (and, Im sure, more than its fair share of unintentional indecent exposure charges.)

    There are other interesting things to note about this particular goddess. The Aztecs named the agave plant after her, calling it metl, which is the source of the word mescal. Also of particular note, and these legends vary depending on the source, but from the best I can tell, Mayahuel had 400 breasts, each of which will constantly filled with pulque. By some accounts, on each of these breasts nursed a rabbit, each of them a god in their own right, and each of these rabbits represented one aspect of inebriation; the more rabbits who you could be shown to be worshipping the closer you were considered to be to talking to the gods. Alternatively, Ive found accounts that each breast was actually reserved at any given time for personages in public or religious office; in this story, the breasts were not of equal quality and the better your office, the better the breast.

    Sesmu: It seems not much is known about this particular deity, he certainly had an effect on the Egyptians, and if the surviving stories are to be believed, humanity in general. While the Egyptians credit Ra with making the first beer (out of barley and the blood of countless slaughtered mortalswait til I get to the story of Hathor), Sesmu is the embodiment of the deification of the wine press. In fact, sesmu is the ancient Egyptian word for wine press...they were a creative lot when it came to naming their gods.

    What really stands out about Sesmu is not so much that he was the god of the wine press (and later wine making in general and also oil making...they used the wine press to make their oils...again, a creative lot), but he was also one of the judges of the dead. Apparently someone in the god making sector noticed that the wine press resembled their method of beheading (a sort of rudimentary guillotine) and decided that Sesmu also had the job of executing the unrighteous souls that journeyed into the if dying once wasnt bad enough. Whats even better is that the stories hint that he combined his two jobs and after decapitating a soul, he threw the head into a wine press and used the blood he squeezed from it to make wine for all of the righteous souls he didnt mutilate. Nice guy, if youre on his good side (and dont mind a little blood wine.)

    So, I got through two gods this month; I have many, many more. Tune in next month when I tackle the Greek and Roman pantheons. In the mean time, be sure that you drink at least one toast to these two gods of yesteryear...without them who knows what our bars would look like. May Sesmu bless you and may you suckle from Mayahuels best teat, Ill see you next month for The Ravens Caw.

    *If you need me to explain the most pleasurable past time (which also has its fair share of gods, see Artemis or Dionysus) then youre probably not old enough to be reading this newsletter.

    The Raven would like to acknowledge the follow sources used in research for this article:

  • Alcoholica Esoterica by Ian Lendler

    London-Maui Cocktail Image Again sticking with complete incoherence with my choice of drink in the review, I bring to you a drink that has won recent popularity in my group of chums. I have happened upon a bottle of Strettons London Dry Gin, which I have found a drink that it is wonderful in. I call it the London-Maui Connection.

  • 2 oz Strettons London Dry Gin
  • 1 can Hawaiian Punch
  • 1.5-2 oz filtered water

    Make sure the can is cold, and the water chilled as well. Mix the whole drink thoroughly in a large glass. Due to the specific gravity differences in the different liquids, this drink needs to be stirred through the whole experience, lest the gin separate and fall to the bottom, making that last swig a doozy!

    This drink is particularly well balanced. The gin takes away from the sweet of the Punch and the water mellows the gin so you can actually drink this one without the bite of the juniper. Just be sure to mix often. Enjoy!

    About The Raven

    J.T. "Raven" Centonze has been a long time student of the art of alcohol. Initially interested in keeping conversation at parties, his love for alcohol grew to an obsession in college. In between his real job of running a college bookstore, he is the part owner/operator of his own winery. He bartends at private parties which allows him the innovation of many new, unique drinks.

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    Rumpleminze - Wine X Magazine

    Rumpleminze Schnapps Bottle Image

    The tastiest way to get shot by a German

    Those wonderful folks who brought us WW I and its blockbuster sequel have also given us many of our favorite drinks, including some of the finest beers on the planet, along with a wide array of liqueurs and schnapps. The kingpin of German schnapps is Rumpleminze, a popular peppermint concoction that's generally dished out in a chilled shot glass.

    In Germany, drinking protocol generally mandates (we hesitate to say "dictates") that schnapps is served as an after-dinner drink -- a leisurely post-prandial digestive. Americans, however, have never quite adopted the German habits of starting major international conflicts for world hegemony or sipping schnapps casually after a meal. From chilled shot glasses, schnapps is most often tossed back by younger drinkers, who get a quick blast of Rumple's 100 proof peppermint-blitzkrieg which is just as refreshing on the breath as mouthwash -- and much more intoxicating. Since the word schnapps is actually derived from the German word for "gulp" or "mouthful," this may actually be a more appropriate way to consume it.

    In its most typical incantation, schnapps is the generic term for a clear brandy distilled from fermented fruit, like peach, apple or pear. But a peppermint schnapps is really an herbal liqueur dominated, of course, by peppermint, with natural peppermint flavorings and added sugar.

    Most liqueurs date back many centuries to when they were ostensibly consumed for their curative, medicinal qualities. Today, you don't need to delude yourself so. People drink liqueurs because they taste good, they go down easy and they're a little splash of something different. In the 1980s, liqueurs, shooters and various schnapps flavors came into their own, and an eclectic variety was stacked upon most bar shelves. And if you stack it on your bar shelf, they will drink it. Particularly if it's tasty and backed up by a multi-million dollar advertising budget. Rumple is both.

    A new, rather unexplored market segment, such as schnapps shooters, relies heavily on successful marketing. Rumple has been very aggressive at appealing to younger drinkers by using hot-looking Teutonic women astride a polar bear (which naturally made young male bar patrons very thirsty and some lucky polar bears very happy). Today, Rumple is firmly entrenched as one of the hottest and most popular brands in the shooters market, and you're likely to spy the clear liqueur with the black label at your local watering hole.

    For all its 100-proof strength, Rumple actually goes down remarkably smoothly, and its bracing minty freshness really does make you feel as if you've just brushed your teeth. It may actually inspire confidence when you feel brazen (or drunk) enough to approach that certain someone across the bar. So if you're seeking a cool shooter to make your night a bit hotter, Rumple is a good, user-friendly introductory tipple to toss back.

    Even though the Cold War is over, it can be very fulfilling to spy on a German. When the opportunity arises, think of investigating Rumple as your civic duty. You owe it to your country.

    Can't find Rumplminze at your local store? Buy it online here...


    Aftershock, Rumple and Avalanche
    Wild Turkey Bourbon, Rumple and a dash of half and half
    Goldschlager, Rumple and 151 proof rum lit on fire
    (aka: Exxon Valdez)
    (in cocktail glass)
    Jager, Rumple and Coca Cola to fill


    This article has been submitted by the great people over at Wine X Magazine. Wine-X has agreed to bring you a new article every month from their amazing writers. It was written by Scott Stavrou. If you like living out on the edge and feel the Gen X isn't well represented in the world, have a really good look at Wine X magazine. They've also given us an offer you can't refuse if you're looking to subscribe: $15 for 6 issues. To experience the full magazine, Subscribe Here.

  • Absolut Ruby Red Ice Creamsicle

    I told you last month that Nicole would come through for me. Well, she has and in spades. During hectic times like moving to her new mansion, she took the time to head out and capture the alst bit of summer fun. Full up you favourite lawn chair and enjoy the silky, cool taste of this new Absolut creation.

    What would I do without Nicole finding the latest from the Big Apple? probably go crawling my local pub and hit on someone there...

    Absolut Ruby Red Ice Creamsicle Cocktail Image Absolut Ruby Red Ice Creamsicle

  • 4 parts ABSOLUT RUBY RED
  • 1 part Simple Syrup
  • 2 parts Orange Juice
  • 2 parts Club Soda
  • 1 part Vanilla Ice Cream

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    Best of Bar Trivia - by Robert Plotkin

    Our latest Rober Plotkin article. How good is your Bar Trivia? Robert is the founder of

    For the past 17 years, Robert Plotkin, has been working to provide beverage operators with the right career tools they need to attain success. He has created the best management systems, tools, software and books available in the hospitality industry. His nationally acclaimed products are in the offices and behind the bars of the most successful hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and hot spots worldwide.

    Bar Trivia Image

    If you concocted a drink so intriguing that it survived the test of time and became a classic, wouldnt you want people to acknowledge you as its creator? Who wouldnt, right? This issues trivia challenge concerns itself with the genealogy of some of the most classic cocktails, drinks so good that how they originated deserve to be known. Bone up on the classics because heres our best shot.

    1. What classic rum drink was named for a mine located near Santiago, Cuba at the turn of the century?

    2. Created by Fernand Petiot at Harrys New York Bar in Paris in 1924, this famous drink was named after the unfortunate daughter of King Henry VIII.

    3. This hot, Kahlua-based specialty was created by George Bullington at Bullys Restaurant in southern California and dubbed in Hawaiian the "George Coffee."

    4. This drink originated in France during World War I and was named after a famed artillery piece.

    5. This classic cocktail originated in San Francisco in the mid-1880s as the "Martinez Cocktail."

    6. What classic tropical drink was invented by Vic Bergeron (Trader Vic) and was originally garnished with a fresh orchid?

    7. This classic mixed drink originated at the Louisville Pendernis Club and was first served to famed boubon producer, Colonel James Pepper.

    8. The Buena Vista Cafe located at Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco is credited with popularizing what famous hot drink?

    9. This colorful tropical concoction actually originated at the Zanzibar Club in London.

    10. The combination of Pernod and champagne was popularized and named in honor of what great American author?

    11. This famous tall drink was created by a London waiter at the turn of the century and obtained its name from the sweetened gin used in its preparation?

    12. What drink recipe was invented by Don the Beachcomber and advertised "only one to a customer?"

    13. What classic cocktail was introduced by an exclusive New York club in 1874 at a banquet honoring Jenny Jerome, the mother of Sir Winston Churchill?

    14. What is the name given to the original "knock-out" drink, a concoction that was probably laced with chloral hydrate?

    15. Which wine-based drink is named after a mayor of Dijon, France?

    16. This famous rum based drink originated in 1954 at the Caribe Hilton Hotel, the name of which means "strained pineapple."

    17. What legendary mixologist invented the Blue Blazer?

    18. What traditional hang-over cure is named after a cowboy who in a fevered delirium cried out to his friends to bring him "his oyster?"

    19. This effervescent, fruit-laced concoction was first devised at Harrys Bar in Venice, Italy during World War II.

    20. What drink is closely associated with the running of the Kentucky Derby?

    Answers Below


    1. Daiquiri

    2. Bloody Mary

    3. Keoki Coffee

    4. French 75

    5. Martini

    6. Mai Tai

    7. Old Fashioned

    8. Irish Coffee

    9. Blue Hawaiian

    10. Ernest Hemingway

    11. Tom Collins

    12. Zombie

    13. Manhattan

    14. Mickie Finn

    15. Kir

    16. Pia Colada

    17. Professor Jerry Thomas

    18. Prairie Oyster

    19. Bellini

    20. Mint Julep

    1001 Questions Every Bartender and Lounge Lizard Should Know How to Answer

    Which side of the bar are you on? It doesn't matter when it comes to perusing the 1000+ questions and answers in this all new trivia masterpiece by Robert Plotkin. Some questions are intriguing, some obscure, there are even specialty tests throughout, but most are vital to any bar aficionado who wants to have a high "IQ" factor. So whether you are managing a bar and want to make sure your employees are well-trained and knowledgeable or know someone who needs to be at a bar stumping whoever is behind it, this is a must have for the beverage expert.

    The Wet Spot

    Gin is firmly back on the menu, thriving on its mixability. So what better way to enjoy gin than with a stylish and award winning Plymouth cocktail?

    The First annual American cocktail awards took place on May the 13th (The date of the bicentenary of the first cocktail) in Las Vegas! And the winning drink was a Plymouth cocktail. The cocktail is from the New York restaurant Bed, the bartenders name is Willy Shine and the cocktails name is The Wet Spot.

    The Wet Spot Cocktail Image The Wet Spot

  • 1.5 oz Plymouth Gin
  • 0.5 oz Apricot Brandy
  • 1 oz Apple Juice
  • 0.5 oz Elderflower Syrup
  • 0.75oz Lemon Juice
  • Lemon Peel (for garnish)

    Method: Shake ingredients and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with a spiral lemon twist!

    Plymouth Gin is combining its 200 year history and its unique flavour with a refreshing twist of simplicity to show you how making modern drinks is easy as Plymouth & 1, 2 or 3 ingredients @ under Plymouth Drinks.

  • Mojito Machine

    Making Mojitos is now easier then ever. The simple plunger design takes all the work out of mashing your fruit. Just put the Mojito Machine on top of your glass and push a few times; the plunger takes care of the rest.

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