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    Kahlua, the world's bestselling coffee liqueur

    Kahla is the world's most popular and versatile liqueur, often noted as a Top 20 spirit across the US. Though its popularity originated in hot drinks and food recipes, there are now over 228 drink recipes made with Kahla. Kahla is among the top five requested drinks in the US, including Kahla and milk/ cream, Kahla Black Russian, Kahla White Russian and Kahla Club. These favourite drinks help give Kahla the honour of being one of the best-loved, best-remembered brands of all spirits.

    Produced from coffee beans cultivated in the remote mountains of Mexico, Kahla's unique taste is attributed to the quality of its ingredients. Fertile soil and temperature climate yield coffee of superior quality, which is the essence of Kahla's distinct flavour. The art of distillation perfected in Mexico is skilfully joined with Mexico's premium coffee to produce this exceptional liqueur.

    Kahla's trademarked bottle is one of the most recognisable shapes in the spirits industry. Kahla's familiar logo and red and yellow colours deliver a premium high quality image that's unmatched. These features make Kahla stand out on bar shelves, in liquor cabinets and on restaurant liquor carts all over the world.

    Brand story Its past is as dark and mysterious as the bottle it travels in. Kahla is native to Mexico - if this worldwide favourite can be said to have just one home. What else can we tell you? That the finest roasted Arabica coffee beans, the sweetest vanilla, the purest cane spirit and rum all come together to create that unique and delicious taste.

    Advice for the Rookie Bartender - by Robert Plotkin

    Starting in this issue, we'll be featuring an article every month written by Robert Plotkin. Robert is the founder of

    For the past 17 years, Robert Plotkin, has been working to provide beverage operators with the right career tools they need to attain success. He has created the best management systems, tools, software and books available in the hospitality industry. His nationally acclaimed products are in the offices and behind the bars of the most successful hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and hot spots worldwide.

    Adivce for 
the Rookie Bartender

    Like the saying goes, "you only get one chance to make a good first impression." In all probability, most new bartenders would welcome constructive advice. Bartending a busy commercial bar is often stressful and uniquely demanding. Some well-intended direction from you might have a significant impact.

  • TREAT PEOPLE LIKE GUESTS, NOT CUSTOMERS - The distinction between guests and customers is crucial. Guests are catered to and should be made to feel welcome and appreciated. Customers are warm bodies with money in their pockets. They're served, processed and shuffled about. Guests ought to be treated to a night on the town they'll remember and tell their friends about. While this is a business and bartending is a job, don't give guests that impression.

  • ALWAYS GIVE PEOPLE AN HONEST BREAK - Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. In this context, an honest break means equity in all transactions-no overcharging, under-pouring, or shortchanging. This fairness doctrine means leaving all prejudice and preconceptions at home, and providing genuinely hospitable service without bias or preference. There's no such thing as a second-class guest.

  • ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YOU REPRESENT THE HOUSE - Don't violate the trust being placed in you. While on duty, place the best interests of the house ahead of your own. Few, if any, are able to perform competently while advancing a hidden agenda. Also avoid becoming fixated on tips. Do the job well and gratuities will naturally follow.

  • CARD ANYONE WHO LOOKS UNDER 30 AND REMAIN VIGILANT AGAINST INEBRIATION - It's legally imperative that the age of anyone ordering alcohol be established prior to service. Asking for identification goes with the territory. And while carding your guests may not be expedient, serving a minor can have disastrous ramifications. So, too, will serving someone to the point of inebriation. If there's a question about someone's age or sobriety, don't serve.

  • ALWAYS RUN AN HONEST TILL - Handling a steady stream of cash has its temptations, but don't let the lure of easy money distract from the seriousness of the crime. Bartending can be stressful enough without stealing and attempting to avoid detection. If there is any question as to the propriety of what you're doing, think twice and don't do it. Don't cash in your integrity, run an honest till.

  • NEVER SERVE AN INFERIOR DRINK - In this business, quality assurance is measured one drink at a time. Make sure that what is being served is exactly what the guest requested. Check that all of the ingredients being used are good-don't commit bad products to good liquor and hope for the best. Ensure, also, that each glass is clean and not chipped or cracked.

  • IF THERE'S TIME TO LEAN, THERE'S TIME TO CLEAN - There is more at stake keeping the bar clean than just passing health code inspections. Lack of sanitation can result in the spread of disease and illness. The bar's cleanliness also reflects on the establishment's overall sanitary condition-if the bar's dirty, imagine what people think the kitchen must be like.

  • SET PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS AND MAINTAIN THEM - From a pressed uniform to a positive attitude, professionalism matters. Be ready to work, in every respect, before the time clock is punched. Establish personal standards and refuse to settle for anything less. Make professionalism a benchmark.

  • WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES - It's nearly impossible to be gracious when your feet are throbbing. There are shoes specifically designed for bartenders and waiters-sturdy, long lasting and meant for people who earn their livelihood on their feet. Along the same lines, hunger can make bartenders surly, so make sure to eat before a shift and don't drink too much caffeine, a jittery bartender is no asset behind the bar.

  • RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF - Having fun is an integral part of the job, even when the job has stopped being fun and turned frenetic. The key is to have your composure last longer than the "rush." When the pressure's on, remain cool and work from a running list of priorities, continually doing the most important thing next. Nothing more can be expected of you.

    Robert Plotkin is a well established writer. You can enjoy his work in print as well.

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    Are you cool enough?

    Finally for those who can't bear the harsh bite of a straight shooter, Arctic IceShots has revolutionized the shot technique. Imagine taking a shot of your favorite liquor... Now imagine the glass you just drank out of was made from your favorite fruit juice, mixer, or gelatin. Arctic Iceshots: The first edible shot glass! Enhanced shot glass technology made to sooth your taste buds. So advanced, its patented!

    Arctic Iceshot is a plastic cup (with top) designed to mold the liquid contents into the shape of a shot glass. The uniquely designed cup captures the enjoyment of taking a shot without the undesired aftertaste, creating a lively atmosphere at Bars, Nightclubs, and House Parties.

    As a powerful promotional product and dynamic marketing tool, Bars and Nightclubs are purchasing specially designed Arctic IceShots with their logos printed on them. These Bar Kits have become an inexpensive advertising tool. The bars and nightclubs are using them as give-a- ways for "take the shot, keep the cup" promotions.

    During the traditional Holiday seasons, customers will be able to celebrate the festive occasion with colorful expressions printed on the side of the plastic cup. Happy Fathers Day, 4th of July, Happy Halloween are some of the available expressions for the retail consumer to brighten up their party.

    Although the product's intent is to enlighten the shot technique, there are many conventional methods of utilizing the cup. Pastry chefs create works of art, hardening chocolate molds and filling the center with rich smooth chocolate. Oyster shooters never tasted better, as chefs freeze Tabasco with water, filling with cocktail sauce, an oyster and a splash of lemon. Kids enjoy making gelatin molds and filling the center with whipped cream. Arctic IceShots are designed to expand the realm of the bar, restaurant, and household menu.

    The old meets the new in the unique retail packaging; which showcases a new-wave concept with a nostalgic look that's reminiscent of the good-old times. The Arctic Iceshots retail product line incorporates the 6-PACK, the 12-PACK, and the Party Pack. The 6-Pack is designed as the impulse item to introduce Arctic IceShots to the consumer, hitting the retail stores in an attractive 21-Piece display. The 12-Pack and Party Pack come enhanced with serving trays. Every product includes an informative brochure with usage instructions, serving suggestions, and recipes.

    This article was written by Marek Brniak of

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    Last month I told you about a stand-alone version of the database. Well we've teamed up with the great people over developing Bartender's Companion. We've reached a deal with them to offer a special edition of the software, complete with our database. Lee and Traci are working hard at getting the program together. We should have a working sample in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully very shortly after that, the software will be available. You can check out the current version of Bartender's Companion here.

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