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    As a promise to Kitty, I've done a little homework on Aliz Bleu. When we launch the new site, you'll find more recipes on this great product but until then, you'll have to enjoy the ones listed below, or create your own unique versions. Have a quick read about Bleu then scroll down to find a few recipes. Check out for other news and recipes.

    Powered by vodka and cognac, but fueled by passion, Aliz mix masters have stirred up the traditional Aliz recipe by creating a formulation that combines premium French vodka, cognac, passion fruit, cherry, ginger and other natural exotic fruit juices. This blend is sure to enchant current Aliz fans such as Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, P. Diddy, Lil' Jon and Snoop Dogg to name a few. Aliz Bleu, with its tropical, opaque blue coloring and 40 proof, the highest alcohol content among the Aliz liqueur family and its competition, can be enjoyed in a variety of recipes or on its own.

    While Aliz Bleu may be the latest entry in the marketplace, it has an extensive history behind it, making it far superior to other natural exotic passion fruit liqueurs. For centuries, the Lafragette family has been creating some of the finest cognacs in France. Flash-back to 1974, when gourmet jam-maker and vintner Jean Paul Lafragette met Marie Claude Legier, a cognac producer. Sparks flew in more ways than one. The two discovered they had more than a romantic chemistry when they paired a dollop of his jam with her glass of cognac and the delicious combination spurred an amazing new cordial. In 1982 the recipe for "le best alcohol in the world" was introduced resulting in Aliz Gold. Since then the company has been perfecting their collection of innumerable recipes among their collective works. While other brands may look similar in appearance, Aliz is known for producing the highest quality, best tasting products in the industry. Aliz Bleu's appealing aroma, sensuous taste and smooth finish offer a cocktail experience far superior to the competition.

    "We've developed a premium product that is sure to become a nightlife accessory at all of the hottest bars and clubs across the U.S. The presence of premium French vodka enlivens Aliz Bleu and raises any occasion to a whole new level." states Adam J. Gam, Aliz National Brand Director. Adding, "This is an all new Aliz experience. Everything from the product to the packaging has a sophisticated, modern sensibility."

    Aliz has been the liqueur of choice for consumers "in the know" for over 17 years, and with the introduction of Aliz Bleu, devotees and newcomers alike can savor a completely new taste experience from the brand that invented the category. Aliz Bleu introduces the addition of fine French vodka to the cognac, offsetting the signature sweetness of the real fruit juices and offering the highest proof of Aliz's liqueurs. This is the first addition to the Aliz Passion family of cognac blends since 2002 when Wild Passion Aliz was introduced, and the third since Gold Passion Aliz entered the US market in 1986.

    Aliz Emerald

  • 2 oz. Aliz Bleu
  • 2 oz. Aliz Cognac
    Serve on the rocks

    Aliz Bleu Bling Martini

  • 2 oz. Aliz Bleu
  • 1 oz. super-premium vodka
  • Twist of lemon
    Shake over ice, serve straight up

    Champagne Bleu

  • 2 oz. Aliz Bleu
  • Top off with champagne
    Serve in a chilled champagne flute

  • HEATHER BLUSH - The Recipe or the Singer?

    Some time ago I got an email from Heather about a recipe we have in the database. She was wondering if she could link to it from her site. The recipe? A Heather Blush. Well it turns out Heather is quite a singer-songwriter and I love her debut CD. So in the spirit of raising a Heather Blush cocktail, I've got her press release below announcing her first CD.

    Recorded at the Lion's Den Recording Studio with Juno award-winning producer/engineer Dan Donahue in Winnipeg, MB, the independently-released CD includes 12 original tracks. A handful of guest musicians, including conga player Rodrigo Munoz of Papa Mambo and violist Richard Moody add to Heather's vocals and acoustic guitar playing to create a full sound.

    Heather has been entertaining Calgarians since relocating from Winnipeg in October of 2003, at venues such as Karma Local Arts House, Jackdaw's Pub, and the Rocky Mountain Folk Club. She captured the attention of many original music lovers in November 2004 by winning the Grand Prize at Calgary's first Songwriters' Mic Contest, held at the Dog 'n Duck Public House and Restaurant with host Jim Munro. Besides bringing home great prizes like an acoustic guitar from Axe Music, an interview on, and recording time at Alchemy Studios, Heather met future band member Shane Sutherland at the contest. Triple S, consisting of Shane Sutherland on bass, Steve Hazlett on drums, and Stu Davies on lead guitar, will join Heather Blush.

    About the Artist: Heather Blush was "born" in 2003 with a move from Winnipeg to Calgary, and a concurrent change of focus from vocal jazz performance (with former duo five2nine) to original music. Heather played previously under the name "Heather Johnson" as a solo performer, as well as in duos and bands, in Winnipeg, MB and earlier in Tallahassee, Florida. Holding Bachelor's degrees in Music and Music Therapy, Heather works as a music therapist by day. Most often described as jazz- and folk- inspired original music, Heather's eclectic style is not surprising when you consider her background as a classically-trained pianist, folk guitarist, and jazz vocalist. Fans are drawn to the ever-changing groove and quirky lyrics that make up the songs of Heather Blush.

    You filter your water, why not filter your liquor?

    After 2 years of preparation Gray Kangaroo is proud to present the world's first mass-produced liquor filter.

    The GK-3 has the following enhancements over the previous GK models.

  • 3 times more filter capacity, quicker filtering process.
  • A new, more powerful mix of different filter materials; optimized to clean your booze better than ever before.
  • Mass production: standardized quality and affordable price.
  • Replaceable cartridges.

    The Gray Kangaroo filters all kinds of hard liquor without affecting the alcohol content!

    The Gray Kangaroo filter removes unwanted organic particles left over from the distilling process. These particles are common in inexpensive liquor because it has been processed less than more expensive liquors. These particles cause the off-taste associated with inexpensive liquor. They also get into your blood and cause you to get a headache, prematurely nauseated and are major contributors to a hangover.

    Every time liquor is filtered with the Gray Kangaroo its quality will improve. The Gray Kangaroo works like a sieve on a microscopic level. Imagine that the Gray Kangaroo filter material has holes the size of a golf ball and the particulate mater is the size of a softball.

    The Gray Kangaroo uses the same technology that liquor companies use to filter their liquor. The real difference is just how much a particular company processes their liquor.

    When you pay for liquor you are paying for two things: processing and advertising. Processing is relatively easy and inexpensive but why would a liquor company take that extra step unless they were going to pay for the costly advertising to let the public know that their product is above standard? They're not.

    Until the Gray Kangaroo the consumer had only two choices, expensive brand name liquor or liquor that competes on price. Th e Gray Kangaroo gives you the ability to choose how good you want your liquor to be.

    Now you can make an undrinkable under-the-bridge whiskey into a sippin' whiskey. You can make off brand vodka comparable with super-premium vodka!

    Pay less! Drink more! And have a better time while you drink!

  • "How to Land a Bartending Job"

    Need advice from the pros on "how to land a bartending job"?

    From the creator of the amazingly successful e-book, "Bartending Secrets Revealed", comes "How to Land a Bartending Job". This new e- book by Theodore "Teddy" Watts Jr. actually demonstrates in real-life examples how people have used his techniques from "Bartending Secrets Revealed" to land the jobs that they wanted. If you learn well by example, check out "How to Land a Bartending Job".

    This e-book of success stories explains how average people landed jobs at some of the best clubs in the world. Getting a bartending job comes easy for some but for others, just reading some of the success stories of others whom have made it should help overcome common obstacles. Each story is different and brings a new idea. Compile a strategy of your own by learning what others have done.

    Getting that job may not be easy, so have a read. Don't worry, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed so if you find the book isn't worth your money, you can get your money back.

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