A Brief History

What once began as a small drink recipe site of no more than 100 recipes in 1995 has now grown into the site you see today. We are proud of what we've accomplished and hope to continue for many more years down the road.

Jason and I sat down one day and decided that our little home pages just weren't good enough to attract the attention of thousands of web users. The little facts of our lives may be interesting to some, but for the vast majority these bits of trivia were useless. So, what could we develop to fulfill the lives of many more people? We poured ourselves a drink, began discussion and started thinking on a project. Blink, the light went on....ok, dimly at first but it began to brighten and so Bar None Drink Recipes was born.

If any of you remember the old first version of the site you know we have come a long way in the world of Web Site Development. We began by writing each and every recipe in html with Notepad and crosslinking them with the corresponding ingredient so you could 'search' through your favourite ingredient to find all the recipes that had it. Yes, this was a very time consuming process. Anyway, it was about then that I, Dan, received an email from someone in France thanking us for a Pina Colada recipe. We used to have time back then to respond to all emails, so I did, not realizing that it would be my future wife I was replying to.

As time went on, Jason was developing his programming skills and we were working on new ways to keep the recipes. Version two came out with a big bang. The whole database was kept on Access and recipe entry was way easier. Many sleepless nights entering new recipes and our total went from about 150 up to near the 1800 mark. One small step for mankind, one giant drunk for parties. Happy with the site as it was, we concentrated on getting more and more new recipes. This was about the time that I moved to England to marry that wonderful girl I was telling you about a minute ago. England was a good chance for me to start the big task of editing the database, continue entering new recipes and do some general maintenance on the site. While I was doing this, Jason, our Wizard was working on other major sections of the site.

Since I am the one writing this, the timeline is based on what was happening to me. Please bear with it as this is my chance to have a little page about me!! Anyway, a year and a half later, Carine (my wife) and I moved to France for the summer before returning back to Canada. I spent nearly 100 hours re-doing the entire database in a way that would be the basis for the Wizard's new programming ideas. Most of what I did is behind the scenes, although a big part of it was to change the way the fields were done to minimize the amount of duplicate spellings and spelling mistakes. Yes, there probably are a few left, but we try. It was also around that time that Jason, the Wizard and now Daddy, helped to bring twins into his life. Way to go Josee (his wife), on the great job of giving life to those crying and pooping machines! With the travel, new things in our lives and just generally being busy, Bar None was kept like it was for a fairly long time without any major changes.

If you're reading this, you will be seeing the efforts of Jason's hard work with site full of new features and new ways of doing things for us, that will hopefully make it easier to keep you all updated. My wife has also joined the team and has been very busy entering recipes and with general editing. She is also responsible for one of our big features, the Drink Dictionary. Those entries started with her finishing the first 1000 or so and we've just continued on with as many ingredients that we can find. Our goal is to continue bringing in new features as well as expanding the ones that we have. If you have any ideas or comments please let us know. Also, you will have noticed a little more advertising around the site. We have tried to keep this as minimal and unintrusive as possible but it is a neccessity in order to keep the site going. The few dollars that come in each month help to pay for the site. I'm sure you realize that something like this costs money so please visit a sponsor every now and again to help us and them out. Not asking a lot am I? Hope not. I will note that we've eliminated pop unders/overs from running on the site so you shouldn't see any of those.

I said brief at the top... I think I lied. Thanks for reading this far down and thanks for your support of our site. Cheers to you and cheers to the future. May the bottom of your glass be re-filled in a time of need.

Dan Hutchinson,
The WebMixer