Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking for the recipe for (insert recipe name here)
Although sometimes not as quickly as we like, we do try to have all recipes that we know of online. Usually within two or three weeks these recipes will be posted to the site. If you are looking for a specific recipe we suggest posting it to one of the forums or alternatively to one of the alcohol specific newsgroups: alt.alcohol or
Is it possible to download a copy of all your recipes?
Unfortunately we can not provide users with our entire database. You can understand that we have spent many hours both editing and entering recipes into the database and feel that we must keep this for ourselves. We do however have a link on the site to software that will allow you to have recipes at home, offline. We hope that this software will help you there.
I'm learning how to bartend. Do you have a book, or can you recommend a good one?
We currently have no plans for publishing a Bar-None Drink Recipes book, and would suggest that you search Amazon or Barnes Noble for books on bartending.
I'm looking for a job, do you know any available?
The world is a big place. We are located on Vancouver Island, Canada. Most of our users are from places nowhere near us. We may develop a forum where people looking for employees or jobs can post. Other than that we suggest going around to local pubs, bars and clubs in your area and canvassing them for employment.
I'm searching for that essential piece of equipment for my bar.
Unfortunately we do not supply any items for bars... at least not yet. I did a search on Yahoo a while ago and found three or four decent looking bar supply stores online. You should try one of them... and if you are one of them, please contact me if you want to set up some sort of deal for my users here at Bar None.
Other general comments...
Most of our other mail is just general feedback. 99 percent of it is great comments and constructive criticism about the site. These are the comments that keep us going and expanding year after year. We owe it all to you, our users. Ok, money from our sponsors and advertisers also helps us, but that's just so we can afford to keep you up to date with the latest in the wide world of Drink Recipes. For the one percent of our messages that are hate-mail, lawyers and other annoying people, please have a tall scotch on the rocks and chill out. Cheers to the rest of you.