Some people have seen fit to give our site the recognition it deserves (grin). We have placed links to these pages here. We haven't been actively applying for these, so the list is still small.

Tasty Site Award The Internet Epicurean honoured us with their Click of the Week: Tasty Site award.
Date Awarded: June 1999
Starting Page Award Starting Page has ranked us in the top 2000 pages on their index.
Date Awarded: May 1999
High Density Computing's Hawk Award High-Density Computing's Hawk Award for design excellence. This is awarded based on the overall look and usefulness of a site.

Date Awarded: May 1999
ABCs of Parenting 3 Star Site ABC's of Parenting rated our site with three stars. I guess that every parent needs a stiff drink once in a while!
Date Awarded: September 1998
Starting Point users voted us in as a Starting Point Hot Site!
Date Awarded: September 1998
Dvorak Online
Dvorak's Recipe Nook
John Dvorak mentioned us as "perhaps the best mixed drink database on the market" He also has a link to us on his "Personal Portal" under Entertainment - Mixology
Article Date: March 1998