Game Type: Card - S


  • 3-6 people is best, but can be more
  • 4-6 beer per person
  • Deck of cards


Take the deck of cards and speard them over the table, choose who will start first. That person will take a card and show it, every card has a meaning which are listed.

  • A - Drink One
  • 2 - Drink Two
  • 3 - Drink one, Give One
  • 4 - Thumb Master
  • 5 - Rule
  • 6 - Question
  • 7 - Sociable
  • 8 - Sentence
  • 9 - Rhyme Time
  • 10 - Topic
  • J - Smoke Card/Wild Card
  • Q - Beer Bitch
  • K - Pee Card

Explain the Cards:

  • A - Drink One ( just take a drink)
  • 2 - Drink Two ( just take 2 drinks)
  • 3 - Drink One, Give One (take a drink and give one of your friend a drink)
  • 4 - Thumb Master ( who ever has this card can put there thumb on the talbe and the last player to put his/her thumb on the table has to drink, then the thumb master can take it off, then who ever the last to take it off has to drink, this card is good until another 4 is picked.)
  • 5 - Rule ( that player make a rule for the game for example no swearing or no name aloud to be said, but it can't conderdict any rules of the game, anyone who breaks the rules has to drink)
  • 6 - Question ( the person with this card at any time of the game can ask a question but only one and if anyone answer them that persons has to drink)
  • 7 - Sociable ( Everyone at the table has to have a cheers and drink)
  • 8 - Sentence ( someone start a sentence with one word and everyone has one add to it depending who turn it is next for example I, I was, I was going, I was going to, I was going to get, I was going to get drunk, who ever f*cks it up has to drink)
  • 9 - Rhyme Time (Who ever picks this card has to say a word, everyone else has to rhyme with it, same word can't be use twice, who ever gets stuck or f*cks-up has to drink)
  • 10 - Topic ( who ever picks this card has to think of a topic and everyone else has to say something that relates to it until someone f*cks-up, then they drink)
  • J - Smoke card/Wild card ( if you have smokers playing this is a very good card, they are not aloud to smoke anything until they pick this card and if they do they have to drink a full beer in 5 seconds before they do so. If there are no smokers then this card can be use as a wild card, any other card in the deck)
  • Q - Beer bitch ( the person with this card has to get people their beers anytime that person wants one, no matter where they are,until another Q is picked)
  • K - Pee card ( no one can have a pee before getting this card unless the drink a full beer in 5 seconds)

Funny Game When People Start to F*ck things up. For the Topic card, Sentence card, and the Rhyme Time card, its better if its dirty talk like sex talk and stuff.


Clinton Noble