One Brown Bear

Game Type: Vocal - O


  • A "Master of Ceremonies" who has memorized the list!
  • Plenty of Spirits
  • Two or More Players


There has to be a master of ceremonies who knows the list by heart. The master starts the game by saying "one brown bear". Then everyone else around the table must repeat the same thing. The master then adds to the list "one brown bear and a couple a ducks". Everyone else must repeat the list. This continues until someone screws up then everyone must drink the number of the item that you are on the list. For example if you screw up on "one brown bear" everyone must take one drink..."one brown bear and a couple a ducks" everyone must take two drinks..."one brown bear, a couple of ducks, three red hens" everyone must take three drinks. After everyone has taken their drink(s) then the master will start over at the beginning. It can be so funny and everyone will get very drunk! Below is the list and it has taken me many drunken nights to memorize.

  • One brown bear.
  • A couple a ducks.
  • Three red hens.
  • Four free frogs.
  • Five fat females.
  • Six sick sailors sailing the seven seas.
  • Seven silly sea serpents slowly slurping slurpies.
  • Eight egotistical egomaniacs eagerly echoing echoes.
  • Nine naughty nuns kneeling at the nunary.
  • 10 -- I am the sheet slitter the sheet slitter I am I will slit your sheets for you till the sheet slitter comes.

Oh, this can be the hard part. The master and everyone who repeats the list correctly can only do so once. You can not keep repeating it so someone can finally get it right! :o) And no extra help from the master!!! That would be cheating! If the master cheats you can make him or her drink the rest of their can/bottle/glass!


Michelle B