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party watermellon

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#1 _bev_*

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Posted 03 July 1998 - 02:26 AM

I am looking for the recipe for watermellon injected with alcohol.

#2 _will_*

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Posted 03 July 1998 - 06:00 PM

> I am looking for the
> recipe for watermellon injected
> with alcohol.The Watermelon:1. 1 Huge Rattlesnake watermelon .Ripe.
2. 1/2 Cup sugar dissolved in 1/2 pint Vodka.
3. 1 Bottle of Cheap champagne or RiunitiCut a 2 inch triangle plug out of the middle and remove the plug. with a fork stab the inside of the melon a few times. Pour the vodka/sugar in.
Open the champagne or sparkling white wine. Stand the bottle up in the hole and press the neck down in so the champagne will soak in (not to tight or the bottle can't siphon air in and let the champagne out. Fill with as much champagne as it will hold. Replace the plug. Refrigerate or ice it down for several hours or over night.
You can replace the vodka/sugar with other things (Rum, fruit punch schnapps, Razmatazz, ect.)
Cut in half longways horizontally so the good stuff won't pour out on the table. Cut cross hatch cubes or diamond shapes across surface about 1 1/2 inch deep. Put a spoon next to it and let people get their own. be sure to get yours first because these have been known to vanish in less that 10 min.