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#1 _glenn_*

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Posted 19 June 1998 - 04:18 PM

does anyone have any idea of the ingredients and relative quantities for making bourbon???

#2 _will_*

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Posted 06 July 1998 - 10:10 AM

> does anyone have any
> idea of the ingredients and
> relative quantities for making
> bourbon???Ok Glen you are requesting a novel. There are many recipes (most of them are top secret) for Bourbon and there are many bourbons. Bourbon was a single malt whiskey that is made in Bourbon County KY. Now the malt may be blended but must contain a certain percent (25%) of corn.
It is illegal to distill anything and get caught.
Basically a PGA is distilled from a fermented mash of grain that contains extra corn (moonshine). The distilled alcohol is colorless. It is put in a charred oak barrel so the charcoal can soak up the Fuesel oil (nasty by product of fermenting grain). The oak adds a flavor and color also. After the alcohol has aged and become smoother it can be blended.
Blending is the whole secret. Flavors and colors are added. Beading oil is sometimes added. Acids are dripped in. It can be aged again. It can be diluted with water to make up for evaporation that occured during aging. After the final product is reached it can be filtered and bottled. It must be bonded (taxed) during the whole process.It is not illegal to make bourbon but it is illegal to distill alcohol.
You will have to start your recipe later in the manufacture process and avoid the fermenting distilling process.You can turn vodka or moonshine (there is a store bought brand of shine) into a bourbon but it will take some time because you will have to age it to make it taste good.
Or you can buy some 'Old Charter' bourbon add a teaspoon of peach juice or the peel of a peach, and a pinch of whole black peppercorns and soak it for a week. Strain it. and re bottle in your favorite bottle and pass it off as your secret family recipe. It will be quite good and taste like homemade bourbon.