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Re: a drink called hemlock

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#1 _Will_*

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Posted 16 May 1998 - 02:31 PM

> i was wondering if anyone
> has an idea for ingrediants
> for a new drink.....i would
> like to call the drink hemlock
> (made famous by our friend
> Socrates)....as such, i think
> it should be ecentric, yet
> simple.> if you have any ideas,
> let me know.> thanx,
> bodhiHemlock:
A nasty poisonous plant. Eaten for its wild effects wich are actually caused by brain cells melting. Overdoses are fatal.From Memphis, TNIn a shooter glass...1. 1 ounce of Yager
2. Splash of Opal Nera
3. Splash of Hot Damn
4. Splash of CokeAlmost as nasty as the real thing; but I think Yager fans will like it.