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Wild Turkey American Honey

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Wild Turkey American Honey

Wild Turkey American Honey is the genuine, unexpectedly smooth Bourbon-based liqueur. At 71 proof, its warm honey taste is versatile and delicious chilled, straight, or in cocktails. A deep golden hue, American Honey has a nose of ripe citrus and an exceptionally smooth palate of sweet honey and caramel with subtle bourbon notes and a long, rich finish.

The only bourbon-based liqueur on the market, Wild Turkey American Honey brings out the best flavors of this premium bourbon, but with real honey to give it a sweetness that's hard to resist. The palate is a bit like syrup and glides around the mouth with obvious notes of vanilla and citrus.

Perfectly suited for after-dinner consumption, it rounds-out Wild Turkey’s portfolio of exceptional products. Wild Turkey American Honey also marries well with Wild Turkey Bourbon to make a Kentucky-style "Golden Nail." It also goes well with vanilla ice cream, pecan pie, or as an ingredient in a butterscotch sauce.

Wild Turkey Liqueur is the recipient of a Silver Medal at the 2000 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Wild Turkey American Honey was originally marketed as Wild Turkey Liqueur.

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