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Alize Red Passion

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Alize Red Passion

Alize is an imported French LIQUEUR made with real passionfruit blended with other all-natural exotic fruits. A delicious combination of passionfruit, cranberry and hints of Peach.

The following was provided by the great folks over at WineX Magazine.

The Red Passion flavor retains the same healthy dose of cognac and passion fruit juice but includes splashes of cranberry and peach juices. These additions combine to make a deep ruby-red drink that cuts down the viscous sweetness of the original. Specially blended to put passion on your lips, this "less-lollipop-sweet" concoction works well as a tropical apéritif or as a splash of something refreshingly different for your post-prandial cocktail. It's probably not what you'd order on a macho, posturing drinking binge. But it's as tasty as a cognac, and its blow-pop fruit flavor boasts proven popularity with the ladies. So if you're seeking a fun, innovative new libation, give in to the passion.

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