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Shot Pool

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Shot Pool

Game Type: Skill - S


  • 1 treble Smirnoff Black
  • 1 White Lady/Russian
  • 7 shots of Cuervo Gold
  • 7 shots of Smirnoff Red
  • Pool table and 2 players


Play pool as normal, only for every red ball potted, down a shot of Red, for every yellow a Gold, etc. The White drink should be refilled as required. Winner may drink the Black or force his opponent to do so.

Rules on fouls, penalties etc should be negotiated beforehand - standby beers are often a good idea, to drink as a forfeit or while waiting your turn. Any spirit drink may be substituted to match tastes/different sets of balls etc. The game can be played with pints of beer, but is seldom completed... Go check out his homepage at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/8757/


Mark Renton

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