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Kings Variation

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Kings Variation

Game Type: Card - K


  • A Deck of cards
  • Bunch of People
  • Plenty of Alcohol


Deal out all of the cards to the players, keep the cards in a pile face down. Whoever is elected to start, turns their card over and puts it into the middle of the table.

Rules for the cards:
  • 2 - you. Whoever placed the card down chooses anyone to drink
  • 3 - me. Whoever placed the card down takes a drink
  • 4 - floor. Everyone must quickly place both hands on the "floor," or the table, and the last to do so drinks.
  • 5 - guys. All the guys playing take a drink.
  • 6 - chicks. All the girls playing take a drink.
  • 7 - heaven. Similar to a 4, everyone places their hands in the air (toward heaven) and the last to do so takes a drink.
  • 8 - straight. The person straight across from whoever played the card takes a drink.
  • 9 - bust a rhyme. Whoever played the card says any word, and the next person must say a word that rhymes with it and so on around the circle until someone can not think of a word, takes too long, or makes up a word, in which case that person drinks.
  • 10 - category. Whoever played the card says a category (i.e. cars) and says one type of thing in the category and the category continues around the circle until someone can not think of something else in the category or takes too long.
  • Jack - never ever have I ever - whoever drew the card starts and says "never ever have I everů" and whoever has done what they said takes a drink. The next person in the circle then also says something that they haven't done and the it continues around the circle until it comes back to the person who drew the card.
  • Queen - question. Whoever drew the card asks anyone a stupid question, and in response that person must ask someone else a stupid questions. If the person asked laughs or takes too long, they must drink.
  • King - social. Everyone drinks.
  • Ace - waterfall. Whoever played the card starts drinking, and as soon as they start the person after them starts and so on around the circle, and you may only stop drinking when the person before you in the circle has stopped, which is controlled by whoever played the card.

This is a great game, tons of fun, and lots of laughs!

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