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Game Type: Card - J


  • A big glass
  • Deck of cards (with the jokers)
  • Lots of alcohol


Set the glass in the middle of the table. Scatter the cards on the table faced down.
Someone picks a card follows the rules (see below). Go clock-wise around the table. People pick until cards are gone.
Ace to 4 Red: Give away drinks the amount of the card
Ace to 4 Black: You drink the amount of the card
5: "Waterfall" Everyone starts drinking at the same time. The person who picked the card can stop at anytime, the person beside him cannot stop drinking until they have stopped. This continues around the circle until everyone is done drinking. (Really sucks to be the last person!!!)
6: "Category" Person who picks the card picks a category. Examples are types of chocolate bars, music bands, etc. Everyone (going clock-wise) has to say something related to the category an example for chocolate bars would be Aero. The person who cannot think of anything has to drink.
7: "Bathroom Break" You can only go to the bathroom if you get the bathroom card. This can get a little nasty at times.
8: "Power of..." Person who draws this card has the power of whatever they want. An example would be power of the thumb, whenever they put their thumb on the table everyone else has to, the last person to put their thumb on the table has to drink.
9: "Rule" Person who draws this card makes up a rule such as no saying names, no pointing, etc. Whenever somebody disobeys the rule they have to drink.
10: "Question" Person who picks the card automatically asks anyone around the table a question. That person doesn't answer but automatically asks someone else around the table a question. Throughout this process you cannot answer any question, laugh, or ask the person who just asked you. If you screw up you drink 10.
Jack: Fill the glass in the middle up as much as you want, the last person to get a Jack drinks the glass before it gets back to his turn.
Queen: Girls drink
King: Guys drink
Joker: Drink 10


Kari Herbert & Krista Jezzard

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