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Captain Dickhead

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Captain Dickhead

Game Type: Card - C


  • 1 deck of cards
  • Beer
  • People


Remove the jokers and spread the deck out on the middle of a table with all cards face down.

Each player takes a turn and picks one card from the pile.

  • for any number card other than a 5: if the card is black, the player drinks the amount on the card.
  • if the card is red, the player gives out the amount of drinks on the card (the amount can be given to one person or split up)
  • if the card is a 5: "busta rhyme" - the player who picked the card says a word or phrase, the person to the left has to come up with a phrase or word that rhymes and so on. The first person who can't think of a word or copies an already said word has to drink one gulp for each person who had a correct response in the round
  • if the card is a jack: "categories" - the player who picked the card picks a category (types of cars, cereals, condom brands…) and says one example. The player to the left has to come up with another example. Play continues until someone can't come up with an answer or repeats an answer. He/she drinks one gulp for each correct response in the round
  • if the card is a queen: "make a rule" - the player who picked the card makes a rule (you can't say drink, drank, or drunk / no one can be referred to by their first name / …). Anyone who breaks the rule has to drink
  • if the card is a king: "waterfall" - everyone stands up. Everyone starts drinking. The person who picked the card can stop drinking when he/she wants to. The person to the left can stop after the first person stops … the person to the right of the player who picked the card gets screwed and is the last to stop drinking
  • if the card is an ace: this person is "Captain Dickhead". He/she can do whatever they want and cannot be told to drink. This player is like the president in asshole. Reign continues until another player picks an ace

Continue playing until there are no more cards or everyone is too drunk to read the number on the card - whatever comes first

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