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Zippers' Australian Sippers

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Zippers' Australian Sippers

Drink Type: Punch


2 bottle(s) Smirnoff Vodka (2x75 cl.) (more Smirnoff Vodka drinks)
8 bottle(s) Sparkling Wine (Preferably Passion Pop) (more Sparkling Wine drinks)
2 bottle(s) Sweet Sherry (2x75 cl.) (more Sweet Sherry drinks)
1 bottle(s) Ginger Wine (Preferably Green Ginger wine) (more Ginger Wine drinks)
2 1/2 cup(s) Blackberry Liqueur (more Blackberry Liqueur drinks)
7 bottle(s) Fruit Juice (7X100 cl.) (more Fruit Juice drinks)
3 bottle(s) Lemonade (3X100 cl.) (more Lemonade drinks)
3 bottle(s) Ginger Beer (3X100 cl.) (more Ginger Beer drinks)


Combine all the ingredients in a bucket, mix well and add cracked ice. Comment: The Lads at Red Rugby CSU Wagga Wagga found it quite enjoyable to drink through a funnel joined to three feet of garden hose.



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