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Drink Type: Punch


1 gallon(s) Vodka (more Vodka drinks)
1 bottle(s) Tom Collins Mix (more Tom Collins Mix drinks)
2 can(s) Pineapple (Diced) (more Pineapple drinks)
2 Apples (Diced) (more Apples drinks)
2 Kiwis (Sliced) (more Kiwis drinks)
1 Lime (Sliced) (more Lime drinks)
Fruit Punch (To taste) (more Fruit Punch drinks)
Sugar (To taste) (more Sugar drinks)


Mix well in a large cooler. Let it sit for a day or two if possible and the more fruit the better. Be sure to stir it, and taste test so that you can improve it as you go. Serve in punch cups and don't forget to add fruit to every cup :)



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