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The Cocolua

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The Cocolua Cocktail Photo

The Cocolua

Drink Type: Cocktail


1 Coconut (young) (more Coconut drinks)
1 part(s) Kahlua (more Kahlua drinks)
1 part(s) Dark Rum (more Dark Rum drinks)
4 oz. Coconut Essence (more Coconut Essence drinks)
1/2 oz. Egg White (more Egg White drinks)
1 splash(es) Soda (more Soda drinks)


Remove top of a young coconut by making 4-8 clean cuts with a cleaver. Transfer fresh coconut water into a clean container. Combine Kahlua, rum, egg whites and coconut water in a small shaker. Dry shake for 20-30 seconds until mixture is well incorporated.

Ice a pint glass to the top and transfer shaken mixture over ice. Cover pint glass with large metal shaker and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Add a splash of soda to shaken mixture and strain back into the young coconut.

Garnish the cocktail with a stick of sugar cane that has had one end dipped in Chinese 5 Spice. Garnish additionally with a straw and small spoon for eating the flesh of the young coconut.

Created by Molecular Gastronomist Simone Bonelli of Perbacco



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