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Skeeter's Punch

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Skeeter's Punch

Drink Type: Punch


4 oz. Everclear (more Everclear drinks)
8 oz. Fruit Punch (Preferably Hi-C) (more Fruit Punch drinks)
1 Lemon (more Lemon drinks)
1 Lime (more Lime drinks)
Strawberries (Optional) (more Strawberries drinks)
Grapes (Optional) (more Grapes drinks)


The night before the party, dice and soak all the fruits in the Everclear. The night of the party: Strain the Everclear but keep the fruits. Pour the Everclear into a 12 oz. cup. Top up with Hi-C. Mix, then take a straw and blow in the drink for 5 seconds (not hard, you don't want an eruption). Add diced fruit into the punch. Be careful, this is a lethal drink. 1 cup per hour even for heavy drinkers. Have fun!


Skeeter Mann

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