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Simply Saskatoon

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Simply Saskatoon Martini Photo

Simply Saskatoon

Drink Type: Martini


2 oz. Schramm Vodka (more Schramm Vodka drinks)
1/2 oz. Lemon Juice (Organic, fresh) (more Lemon Juice drinks)
1 oz. Honey Syrup (Wildflower honey) (more Honey Syrup drinks)
1/2 oz. Saskatoon Berry Juice (more Saskatoon Berry Juice drinks)


Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with flamed orange peel. Enjoy!

Created by: Lorien Chilton

Notes for ingredients:

  • Homemade saskatoon berry juice, unsweetened (puree fruit and strain well)
  • Wildflower Honey syrup (2 cups honey to 1 cup water and heat over low stove to mix, similar to simple syrup.)
  • Flamed orange peel. Creates a nice orange aroma and subtle sweetness to the drink. Peel a tiny circle of orange zest, hold zest skin side down over drink, light a match under the peel and sqeeze gently over flame. The orange oils will flame the match and disperse oils lightly on just the surface of the drink.


Pamela Irving

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