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Satan's Urine (With Chunks Of Fruit In It)

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Satan's Urine (With Chunks Of Fruit In It)

Drink Type: Punch


8 cup(s) Southern Comfort (more Southern Comfort drinks)
7 cup(s) Vodka (more Vodka drinks)
4 cup(s) Gin (more Gin drinks)
4 cup(s) Fruit Punch (Schnapps) (more Fruit Punch drinks)
dash(es) Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum (more Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum drinks)
24 cup(s) Hawaiian Fruit Punch (more Hawaiian Fruit Punch drinks)
8 cup(s) Kool-Aid (Grape flavour) (more Kool-Aid drinks)
Sugar (To taste) (more Sugar drinks)
Apples (more Apples drinks)
Oranges (more Oranges drinks)


Mix ingredients in a large tub or punch bowl. Cut up oranges and apples. Add to punch. Daego's note: Crucial: put a pint of vodka between the punch bowl and some drunk guy at the party, and he usually will do the rest of the mixing for you (it's been tested). Can be drank or used to power farm equipment. (I waive all liability, proceed with caution)



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