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Redcoat Rickey

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Redcoat Rickey Cocktail Photo

Redcoat Rickey

Drink Type: Cocktail


2 oz. London Dry Gin Beefeater 24 works well here (more London Dry Gin drinks)
1/2 oz. Maraschino Liqueur I like Luxardo (more Maraschino Liqueur drinks)
1/2 oz. Falernum ** (more Falernum drinks)
1/2 oz. Lime Juice (more Lime Juice drinks)


Shake everything with ice and strain into ice-filled rocks glass. Top with seltzer/soda water, and garnish with a cherry.

**There are commercially-made falernums available (Fee's, Velvet), but I strongly recommend making your own from scratch. It's easy and tastes fantastic.


Dr. Bamboo

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