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PC Hunch Punch

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PC Hunch Punch

Drink Type: Punch


7 cup(s) Everclear (more Everclear drinks)
7 cup(s) Vodka (more Vodka drinks)
4 gallon(s) Fruit Punch (more Fruit Punch drinks)
3 gallon(s) Strawberry Punch (more Strawberry Punch drinks)
3 Oranges (Sliced) (more Oranges drinks)
3 Apples (Sliced) (more Apples drinks)
Sugar (1 small bag or to taste) (more Sugar drinks)


Mix ingredients in a large cooler starting with liquor first. When thoroughly mixed, add fruit and a bag of ice! Great for parties! You can add as much fruit as you like, and any type you prefer.


T.J. McMahan

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